With a focus on practical acute pain management in adults in the hospital setting, this book provides health professionals with simple and practical information to help them manage patients with acute pain safely and effectively. * Combines evidence-based information with practical guidelines and protocols * Covers the pharmacology of opioids, local anesthetics, and nonopioid and adjuvant analgesic agents * Discusses management of acute pain in both surgical and nonsurgical acute pain settings including in patients with spinal cord or burns injuries and selected medical illnesses * Includes evidence-based information about management of acute pain in some specific patient groups , including the older patient, opioid-tolerant patients, and those with addiction disorders, pregnant or lactating patients and patients with obstructive sleep apnea or who have renal or hepatic impairment * Considers the role of acute pain management in the context of the current opioid epidemic and identifies possible strategies to minimise the risks. This resource will be helpful to a variety of professionals in assessing and managing acute pain.
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Preface Disclosures Notice Authors 1. Introduction 2. Delivery of Effective Acute Pain Management 3. Assessment and Monitoring 4. Pharmacology of Opioids 5. Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics 6. Nonopioid and Adjuvant Analgesic Agents 7. Systemic Routes of Opioid Administration 8. Patient-Controlled Analgesia 9. Epidural and Intrathecal Analgesia 10. Other Regional and Local Analgesia 11. Nonpharmacological Therapies 12. Acute Neuropathic Pain 13. Chronic Postacute Pain 14. Nonsurgical Acute Pain 15. More Complex Patients 16. Opioid Analgesia After Discharge from Hospital 17. Self-Assessment Questions Index
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Pamela E Macintyre BMebSc, MBBS, MHA, FANZCA, FFPMANZCA Emeritus Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Medicine Physician, Department of Anaesthesia, Pain Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital. Clinical Professor, Discipline of Acute Care Medicine, School of Medicine,University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia Professor Stephan A. Schug, MD, FANZCA, FFPMANZCA, EDPM Emeritus Professor and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Medical School, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia