Aprender a aprender en la era digital provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art account that empowers readers to leverage learning technologies to promote second language learner autonomy. Written entirely in Spanish, the book covers a breadth of innovative topics in the teaching of Spanish via and with technology, such as emerging pedagogies, autonomous and participatory learning, learner agency and identity, teacher development, and post-communicative curriculum design. Key features: a novel and unique approach, combining the latest research on learning autonomy and instructional technologies in language learning; an emphasis on the connections between theory and practice, with concrete suggestions for using technology in the classroom; an extensive selection of curricular and pedagogical tools that can be easily adapted to various teaching and learning environments and needs; a broad selection of bibliographical references for further reading and research; a bilingual glossary of key techno-pedagogical terms; a catalogue with over 250 tools for second language learning and teaching, with contextualized examples of their practical application; a comprehensive eResource with a wealth of additional materials, including access to a database of technological tools and best practices in teaching Spanish with technology. Written in a clear and accessible manner, Aprender a aprender en la era digital is ideal for instructors of Spanish at all educational levels. The book will also be of great interest to teachers of languages other than Spanish, as well as graduate students pursuing a degree in Spanish, Educational Technology or Language Education.
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