Setting the standard for excellence, accuracy, and innovation Biology: A Global Approach delivers a trusted, accurate, current, and pedagogically innovative experience that guides students to a true understanding of biology. The author team advances Neil Campbell's vision of meeting and equipping students at their individual skill levels by developing tools, visuals, resources, and activities that encourage participation and engage students in their learning. Known for strategically integrating text and artwork, this trusted course solution works hand in hand with Mastering Biology to reinforce key concepts, build scientific skills, and promote active learning. Samples Download the detailed table of contents Preview sample pages from Biology: A Global Approach, Global Edition
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1 Biology and Its Themes Unit 1 THE ROLE OF CHEMISTRY IN BIOLOGY 2 Atoms and Molecules 3 The Chemistry of Water 4 Carbon: The Basis of Molecular Diversity 5 Biological Macromolecules and Lipids 6 Energy and Life Unit 2 Cell Biology 7 Cell Structure and Function 8 Cell Membranes 9 Cellular Signaling 10 Cell Respiration 11 Photosynthetic Processes 12 Mitosis Unit 3 THE GENETIC BASIS OF LIFE 13 Sexual Life Cycles and Meiosis 14 Mendelian Genetics 15 Linkage and Chromosomes 16 Nucleic Acids and Inheritance 17 Expression of Genes 18 Control of Gene Expression 19 DNA Technology 20 The Evolution of Genomes Unit 4 Evolution 21 How Evolution Works 22 Phylogenetic Reconstruction 23 Microevolution 24 Species and Speciation 25 Macroevolution Unit 5 THE DIVERSITY OF LIFE 26 Introduction to Viruses 27 Prokaryotes 28 The Origin and Evolution of Eukaryotes 29 Nonvascular and Seedless Vascular Plants 30 Seed Plants 31 Introduction to Fungi 32 An Introduction to Animal Diversity 33 Invertebrates 34 Vertebrates Unit 6 PLANTS: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 35 Plant Structure and Growth 36 Transport in Vascular Plants 37 Plant Nutrition 38 Reproduction of Flowering Plants 39 Plant Signals and Behavior Unit 7 ANIMALS: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 40 The Animal Body 41 Chemical Signals in Animals 42 Animal Digestive Systems 43 Animal Transport Systems 44 Animal Excretory Systems 45 Animal Reproductive Systems 46 Development in Animals 47 Animal Defenses Against Infection 48 Electrical Signals in Animals 49 Neural Regulation in Animals 50 Sensation and Movement in Animals Unit 8 THE ECOLOGY OF LIFE 51 An Overview of Ecology 52 Behavioral Ecology 53 Populations and Life History Traits 54 Biodiversity and Communities 55 Energy Flow and Chemical Cycling in Ecosystems 56 Conservation and Global Ecology
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