Business Marketing Course Managing in Complex Networks

Heftet / 2006 / Engelsk
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The Business Marketing Course is an important and insightful book that brings together the main theories and contributions of the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group in a student-friendly form. The book provides complete coverage of the role of business relationships and networks in domestic and international business - a topic that is now gaining widespread attention among researchers and practitioners and is a vital part of student learning. -Professor Ian F. Wilkinson, School of Marketing, University of New South Wales, Australia The second edition of this fine book offers another step forward in terms of structure, coverage and significance. The thoughtful use of figures, tables, boxes and assignments provides further clarity for students. -Professor Luis Araujo, Department of Marketing, Lancaster University, UK The new edition of this widely used business marketing text has been completely revised and rewritten. The Business Marketing Course provides a comprehensive insight into business marketing in a compact and accessible format that provides the ideal foundation for courses on business or industrial marketing. The new edition concentrates on the reality facing business marketers operating in complex and dynamic business networks. The book provides a structured approach to both technology and the development of the marketer's offerings as well as an expanded guide on how to analyse business networks and customers and how to develop marketing strategy. The book is essential reading for students who are studying business markets. It is also an excellent guide for all managers who would like a clearer understanding of the complexity of networks in which they operate.* The book is still firmly based on the ideas of the IMP (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing) Group.* It includes a new chapter on how marketers can work effectively with colleagues in other functional areas.* The new edition is presented in a highly readable style with extensive use of examples and illustrations. Each chapter in the book concludes with a study assignment based on the authors' own experience of teaching business marketing.
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