A strong business model is the bedrock to business success. But all too often we fail to adapt, clinging to outdated business models that are no longer promising the results we need. This new edition builds on the well-known methodology of the first edition to allow you to innovate, test and implement new business models within your industry. Discover the idea of business model innovation, from structuring the process of innovation of a company's business model to encouraging outside-the-box thinking. With expert authors, The Business Model Navigator combines learning research with evidence of high practical impact, allowing you to master the transformation journey and lead your business to success.
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PART ONE How to drive business model innovation 1 What is a business model and why should it be innovated? 2 The Business Model Navigator 3 Managing change PART TWO 55+ winning business models - and what they can do for you 1 Add-On 2 Affiliation 3 Aikido 4 Auction 5 Barter 6 Cash Machine 7 Cross-Selling 8 Crowdfunding 9 Crowdsourcing 10 Customer Loyalty 11 Digitalisation 12 Direct Selling 13 E-commerce 14 Experience Selling 15 Flat Rate 16 Fractional Ownership 17 Franchising 18 Freemium 19 From Push to Pull 20 Guaranteed Availability 21 Hidden Revenue 22 Ingredient Branding 23 Integrator 24 Layer Player 25 Leverage Customer Data 26 Licensing 27 Lock-In 28 Long Tail 29 Make More of It 30 Mass Customisation 31 No Frills 32 Open Business 33 Open Source 34 Orchestrator 35 Pay Per Use 36 Pay What You Want 37 Peer to Peer 38 Performance-Based Contracting 39 Razor and Blade 40 Rent Instead of Buy 41 Revenue Sharing 42 Reverse Engineering 43 Reverse Innovation 44 Robin Hood 45 Self-Service 46 Shop in Shop 47 Solution Provider 48 Subscription 49 Supermarket 50 Target the Poor 51 Trash to Cash 52 Two-Sided Market 53 Ultimate Luxury 54 User Design 55 White Label 56 Sensor as a Service 57 Virtualisation 58 Object Self-Service 59 Object as Point of Sale 60 Prosumer PART THREE Finished reading? Let's implement! 10 recommendations to innovate your business model The 55+ models at a glance Glossary
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Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann is Full Professor and Director at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Prior to this, he was leading corporate research within the Schindler Group. Gassmann has been recognized as one of the most active innovation scholars (IAMOT) and as one of the leading economists in Germany (FAZ). He received the prestigious Scholarly Impact Award from the Journal of Management and the Citation of Excellence Award from the Emerald Group. He has also founded three spin-off companies and serves on several academic, economic and political boards. Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger is Full Professor and Director at the Institute of Management & Strategy at the University of St. Gallen. She is also the Academic Director of the St. Gallen Executive MBA. Prior to her academic career Frankenberger worked seven years with the management consultancy McKinsey & Company. Her academic research has won several prestigious awards and recently she was named Thinker of the month by Thinkers50, the world's foremost resource for sharing leading management ideas of our age. Frankenberger has also founded a spin-off and she is actively involved in supporting company leaders, from numerous industries worldwide, in their strategy and innovation challenges. Dr. Michaela Choudury is a business model innovation expert, business professional and innovation lecturer with more than ten years of experience in digital innovation and transformation. She worked within the Digital Lead Scale-up and Acceleration division at LafargeHolcim, as a Senior Consultant at the BMI lab as well as a Research Assistant at the Institute for Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen. Currently, she is a Senior Manager within the International Marketplace Unit of Ringier. She received her PhD at the University of St. Gallen and was a Visiting Researcher at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University.