We cannot understand contemporary psychology without first researching its history. Unlike other books on the history of psychology, which are chronologically ordered, this Handbook is organized topically. It covers the history of ideas in multiple areas of the field and reviews the intellectual history behind the major topics of investigation. The evolution of psychological ideas is described alongside an analysis of their surrounding context. Readers learn how eminent psychologists draw on the context of their time and place for ideas and practices, and also how innovation in psychology is an ongoing dialogue between past, present, and anticipated future.
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This Handbook presents the intellectual history and surrounding context of theories and research across a range of psychological domains. The book is topically organized, much like an introductory-psychology text, so readers can discover the intellectual history of the particular fields of psychology that interest them.
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Introduction Robert J. Sternberg and Wade E. Pickren; 1. Major paradigms and approaches in psychology John G. Benjafield; 2. Methodology in psychology Daniel J. Denis and Briana Young; 3. Neuroscience in psychology Gary G. Berntson and David Hothersall; 4. Sensation and perception Linda M. Bartoshuk; 5. Attention Michael I. Posner; 6. Learning Mark Bouton and Robert Boakes; 7. Memory Henry L. Roediger, III, and Jeremy K. Yamashiro; 8. Decision making Yuval Erez and Valerie F. Reyna; 9. Creativity Christa L. Taylor, Vlad P. Glavenau, Allison B. Kaufman and James C. Kaufman; 10. Intelligence Robert J. Sternberg; 11. Development Jeremy Burman; 12. Social psychology Cathy Faye; 13. Gender Alexandra Rutherford; 14. Emotion David Devonis; 15. Motivation Richard M. Ryan, Emma L. Bradshaw and Edward L. Deci; 16. Personality and its assessment James N. Butcher; 17. Abnormal psychology Petteri Pietikainen; 18. Psychotherapy Roderick D. Buchanan and Nicholas O. Haslam; 19. Health psychology Wade E. Pickren.
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'The famous statement that psychology has a long past but a short history reflects the fact that empirical psychology is a relatively new arrival among the sciences, but that the fascination with psychological topics has been around for thousands of years. This volume by Robert J. Sternberg and Wade E. Pickren successfully melds the discipline's past and history. Readers get a seamless path from philosophy to natural philosophy to scientific psychology across its many sub-disciplines. Unlike standard histories of psychology, this book shows the breadth of psychology as it has evolved to its present state.' Barney Beins, Ithaca College, New York'By assembling an impressive group of specialist scholars, Robert J. Sternberg and Wade E. Pickren have created a volume of great value for both students and researchers. These lucid historical overviews provide an excellent introduction to the history of the major research areas of modern psychology.' Andrew S. Winston, University of Guelph, Canada'The Cambridge Handbook of the Intellectual History of Psychology reveals the rich tapestry of personalities, ideas, theories, controversies, and empirical findings that have contributed to our contemporary understanding of psychology. It is an engaging, highly accessible, and erudite resource that every teacher and student of psychology needs to read.' Dannette Marie, University of Aberdeen'With chapters from leading experts in the sub-disciplines or active researchers in the history of psychology, both students and professionals now have access to a valuable bank of information concerning the historical evolution of specific sub-disciplines' ideas as a way to address the declining knowledge of disciplinary history.' Ingrid Farreras, Hood College, Maryland'The 19 chapters of this multi-author volume cover the intellectual history of various sub-disciplines and concerns of psychology. Each chapter is written by a specialist in the given field ... Many chapters will be engaging for those particularly interested in the history of psychology, and the book could well be valued by students and scholars of that history.' K. S. Milar, Choice
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Describes how psychological ideas have evolved across numerous research areas within psychology.


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Robert J. Sternberg is Professor of Human Development at Cornell University, New York and Honorary Professor of Psychology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg, Germany. He has also won the William James Award and the James McKeen Cattell Award from Association for Political Science (APS) and the Grawemeyer Award in Psychology. He is past-president of the American Psychological Association. Wade E. Pickren is Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at Ithaca College, New York. He was the founding director of the American Psychological Association (APA) Archives and served as its first historian. He also served as editor of History of Psychology from 2010 to 15.