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Captive in Rome - 2016 - (9780281076338)

Captive in Rome

Nettpris: 113,-
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Format: Heftet (myke permer)
Forventet leveringstid: 10-20 arbeidsdager.

Kathy Lee has sold over 60,000 books for younger readers. She is the author of The Lost Book Trilogy, The Fabulous Phoebe series, The Mallenford Mysteries, Deadly Emily and No Angel, among other titles. Kathy was born in Montrose, Scotland. She studied zoology and then worked with computers, but always knew that she wanted to write. While her three sons were still young she wrote her first children's book - sitting on the stairs trying to get them to sleep at night!

A Captive in Rome is the first book in the enthralling Tales of Rome series of adventures for younger readers. The books are set at the time of the early church and follow the adventures of Bryn, a young Briton of the Iceni tribe. In this first book, Bryn and his brother are taken captive by the Romans after the Boudiccan revolt. They find themselves in Rome where Bryn is sold as a slave to a rich man; Bryn's brother, Conan, is forced into gladiatorial combat. Bryn is befriended by Tiro, a Christian and fellow slave, and they both try to free his brother from the deadly battles before it is too late.

  • Utgitt: 2016
  • Innbinding: Heftet (myke permer)
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN13: 9780281076338
  • Forlag: SPCK Publishing
  • Sider: 160

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