The gold-standard text on the science of poisons - updated to capture the latest breakthroughs and developmentsCasarett & Doull's Toxicology: The Basic Sciences of Poisons is the most trusted all-in-one overview of the biomedical and environmental aspects of toxicology. Presented in full color, it delivers a skill-building review of the basic components of toxicology, including general principles, modes of action, and chemical-specific toxicity. Spanning the entire field, Casarett & Doull's is considered to be the ultimate authority in toxicology. The Ninth Edition has been extensively updated by each chapter author and is enhanced by the addition of all-new chapters on timely topics such as computational toxicology and auditory toxicology. The extensive use of tables, illustrations, and other visuals make the information easy to understand and remember
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Unit I: General Principles of ToxicologyChapter 1: History and Scope of ToxicologyChapter 2: Principles of ToxicologyChapter 3: Mechanisms of ToxicityChapter 4: Risk AssessmentUnit II: Disposition of ToxicantsChapter 5: Absorption, Distribution, and Excretion of ToxicantsChapter 6: Biotransformation of XenobioticsChapter 7: ToxicokineticsUnit III: Non-Organ-Directed ToxicityChapter 8: Chemical CarcinogenesisChapter 9: Genetic ToxicologyChapter 10: Developmental ToxicologyUnit IV: Target Organ ToxicityChapter 11: Toxic Responses of the BloodChapter 12: Toxic Responses of the Immune SystemChapter 13: Toxic Responses of the LiverChapter 14: Toxic Responses of the KidneyChapter 15: Toxic Responses of the Respiratory SystemChapter 16: Toxic Responses of the Nervous SystemChapter 17: Toxic Responses of the Ocular and Visual SystemChapter 18: Toxic Responses of the Heart and Vascular SystemChapter 19: Toxic Responses of the SkinChapter 20: Toxic Responses of the Reproductive SystemChapter 21: Toxic Responses of the Endocrine SystemUnit V: Toxic AgentsChapter 22: Toxic Effects of PesticidesChapter 23: Toxic Effects of MetalsChapter 24: Toxic Effects of Solvents and VaporsChapter 25: Toxic Effects of Radiation and Radioactive MaterialsChapter 26: Toxic Effects of Plants and AnimalsChapter 27: Toxic Effects of CaloriesUnit VI: Environmental ToxicologyChapter 28: NanotoxicologyChapter 29: Air PollutionUnit VII: Applications of ToxicologyChapter 30: EcotoxicologyChapter 31: Food ToxicologyChapter 32: Analytical and Forensic ToxicologyChapter 33: Clinical ToxicologyChapter 34: Occupational ToxicologyChapter 35: Regulatory Toxicology
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