Complete EU Law combines extracts from leading cases and articles with expert author commentary in a concise and student-friendly format. The broad range of key topics taught on EU law modules are thoroughly covered, including full chapters on human rights and competition law. The Complete titles are ambitious in their scope; they've been carefully developed with teachers to offer law students more than just a presentation of the key concepts. Instead they offer a complete package. Only by building on the foundations of the subject, by showing how the law works, demonstrating its application through extracts from cases and judgments, and by giving students the tools and the confidence to think critically about the law will they gain a complete understanding. Digital formats and resources The fourth edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources. - The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features and links that offer extra learning support: - The online resources that support the book include: * An interactive timeline and map illustrating the development of the EU and providing essential background knowledge of the Union and its Member States * Updates from the authors allowing students to stay on top of key developments in EU law, including Brexit * Self-test questions with instant feedback to help check understanding and assist with revision * Outline answers to assessment questions to help develop essay and problem-solving skills ahead of exams This book is accompanied by extra Brexit materials online.
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Complete EU Law offers students a carefully blended combination of the subject's concepts, cases, and commentary. A combination which encourages critical thinking, stimulates analysis, and promotes a complete understanding.
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1: The origins of the European Union and EU law 2: Official institutions of the European Union 3: Sovereignty and sources of law 4: Enforcing EU law rights in national courts 5: Member State liability in damages 6: Preliminary references 7: Challenging EU action or inaction 8: EU liability in damages 9: Human rights in the EU 10: Free movement of goods 11: Free movement of persons 12: Freedom of establishment and freedom to provide and receive services 13: Competition law: Article 101 TFEU 14: Competition law: Article 102 TFEU 15: Enforcement of EU competition law
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