Using a workplace development program as source of experience the book deals with the development of innovation processes. Since innovation means to explore the unique and the special to bring forth what does not (yet) exist, each innovation process must in itself be an innovation. The study explores the tools and activities needed to create such processes, like dialogue, networking, coalition building, and social partnership. The authors report from the position of collaborative actors involved in the innovation process rather than external observers.
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This work examines a workplace development programme in Norway entitled Enterprise Development 2000. The purpose of the programme, and topic of this work, is to link research resources to the co-operation between parties in the labour market resulting in development, change and innovation.
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1. Acknowledgements; 2. Chapter 1. Introduction; 3. Part I: Enterprise Development 2000: Overview; 4. Chapter 2. Initiation and early history (by Finne, Hakon); 5. Chapter 3. The impact of ED 2000; 6. Part II: Historical roots and points of departure; 7. Chapter 4. Social partnership and workplace development (by Gustavsen, Bjorn); 8. Chapter 5. Research and the challenges of working life (by Gustavsen, Bjorn); 9. Chapter 6. Contemporary European developments (by Gustavsen, Bjorn); 10. Part III: The development and characteristics of the modules; 11. Chapter 7. The Rogaland Module (by Hansen, Kare); 12. Chapter 8. The Work Research Institute Module (by Palshaugen, Oyvind); 13. Chapter 9. The Tromso module (by Bye, Geir); 14. Chapter 10. The Agder Module (by Knudsen, Harald); 15. Chapter 11. The Trondheim Module (by Elvemo, Johan); 16. Chapter 12. The Nordvest Forum Module (by Hanssen-Bauer, Jon); 17. Chapter 13. The FAFO-NHH module (by Colbjornsen, Tom); 18. Part IV: Discussion and conclusions; 19. Chapter 14. Innovation: Working together to achieve the unique; 20. References
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