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Crusoes and Other Castaways in Modern French Literature - 2014 - (9781611495065)

Crusoes and Other Castaways in Modern French Literature: Solitary Adventures

Nettpris: 432,-
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Joseph Acquisto, PhD is an associate professor at the University of Vermont, specializing in nineteenth and twentieth century French literature.

Crusoes and Other Castaways in Modern French Literature: Solitary Adventures by Joseph Acquisto examines the representation of Robinson Crusoe and other castaways in both popular and serious French literature for both children and adults from the early nineteenth to the twenty-first century. It examines not only novels but lyric poetry, providing not just a literary history but interpretation of a wide range of canonical and non-canonical authors.

Note on Translations Permissions Introduction Chapter One: Children of Rousseau: Castaways and Solitaries in the Early Nineteenth-Century Novel Chapter Two: What is the Moral of this Story?: The Popular Robinsonnade in the Nineteenth Century Chapter Three: Toward the Inner Solitary Adventure: Reading, Adventure, Solitude Chapter Four: Turning Inward: The Robinson of the Poets Chapter Five: Adventure in New Territory: The Solitary Adventure Novel 1921-1972 Chapter Six: Children of Tournier: The Late Twentieth Century and Beyond Works Cited About the Author Notes

  • Utgitt: 2014
  • Innbinding: Heftet (myke permer)
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN13: 9781611495065
  • Forlag: University of Delaware Press
  • Sider: 282