Use this hands-on guide to understand the ever growing and complex world of digital security. Learn how to protect yourself from digital crime, secure your communications, and become anonymous online using sophisticated yet practical tools and techniques.This book teaches you how to secure your online identity and personal devices, encrypt your digital data and online communications, protect cloud data and Internet of Things (IoT), mitigate social engineering attacks, keep your purchases secret, and conceal your digital footprint. You will understand best practices to harden your operating system and delete digital traces using the most widely used operating system, Windows. Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows offers a comprehensive list of practical digital privacy tutorials in addition to being a complete repository of free online resources and tools assembled in one place. The book helps you build a robust defense from electronic crime and corporate surveillance. It covers general principles of digital privacy and how to configure and use various security applications to maintain your privacy, such as TOR, VPN, and BitLocker. You will learn to encrypt email communications using Gpg4win and Thunderbird. What You'll LearnKnow the various parties interested in having your private dataDifferentiate between government and corporate surveillance, and the motivations behind each oneUnderstand how online tracking works technicallyProtect digital data, secure online communications, and become anonymous onlineCover and destroy your digital traces using Windows OSSecure your data in transit and at restBe aware of cyber security risks and countermeasures Who This Book Is For End users, information security professionals, management, infosec students
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Chapter 1: Introduction and Discussion of the Current Status of Online Privacy.-Chapter 2: Essential Privacy Tips.-Chapter 3: Windows Security.-Chapter 4: Online Anonymity.-Chapter 5: Cryptography and Secure Communication.- Chapter 6: What's Next.-
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Nihad A. Hassan is an independent information security consultant, digital forensics and cybersecurity expert, online blogger, and book author. He has been actively conducting research on different areas of information security for more than a decade and has developed numerous cybersecurity education courses and technical guides.

Nihad focuses on computer forensics and anti-forensics techniques in Windows OS. He has completed numerous technical security consulting engagements involving security architectures, penetration testing, computer crime investigation, and anti-forensics techniques. Recently, he has shifted his focus toward digital privacy and security.

Nihad has authored two books and scores of information security articles in various global publications. He also enjoys being involved in security training, education, and motivation. His current work focuses on digital forensics, anti-forensics techniques, digital privacy, and web security assessment. He covers different information security topics and related matters on his "DarknessGate" infosec blog. Nihad has a BSc honors degree in computer science from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.

Rami Hijazi is the General Manager of MERICLER Inc., an education and corporate training firm in Toronto, Canada. He is an experienced IT professional who lectures on a wide array of topics, including object-oriented programming, Java, eCommerce, Agile development, database design, and data handling analysis. Rami also works as consultant to Cyber Boundaries Inc. where he is involved in the design of encryption systems and wireless networks, intrusion detection and data breach tracking, as well as planning and development advice for IT departments concerning contingency planning.