The clear and practical writing of Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research has made this book a favorite. In precise step-by-step language the book helps you learn how to conduct, read, and evaluate research studies. Key changes include: expanded coverage of ethics and new research articles.
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Part 1: An Introduction to Educational Research 1. The Process and Approaches of Research Part 2: The Steps in the Process of Research 2. Identifying a Research Problem3. Reviewing the Literature4. Specifying a Purpose and Research Questions or Hypotheses5. Collecting Quantitative Data6. Analyzing and Interpreting Quantitative Data7. Collecting Qualitative Data8. Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Data9. Reporting and Evaluating Research Part 3: Research Designs 10. Experimental Designs11. Correlational Designs12. Survey Designs13. Grounded Theory Designs14. Ethnographic Designs15. Narrative Research Designs16. Mixed Methods Designs17. Action Research Designs
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"I believe that this is the premier treatment of this topic currently on the market. Such a textbook would have been very useful to me in my own training." - Frederick J. Brigham, GeorgeMason University "It is Informational yet conversational and engaging to the reader." - Christine Anne Royce, ShippensburgUniversity "The text is very easy to read and provides a good overview of the topics." - Linda Shepherd, IndianaUniversity - Bloomington "When it comes to balancing qualitative and quantitative approaches in a single text, this is the best book currently available in the market." - Hari Koirala, EasternConnecticutState University "Most other books cover the same material. This book communicates directly to the students better." - Julita G. Lambating, CaliforniaState University - Sacramento
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John W. Creswell is a Professor of Educational Psychology and teaches courses and writes about educational research design, mixed methods research, and qualitative methodology. He has been at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 30 years and has authored 12 books, numerous new editions of these books, and over 150 journal and book chapter publications. These works focus on quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research. In addition, he founded both the Office of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the SAGE journal, the Journal of Mixed Methods Research. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan and assisted investigators in developing proposals for extramural funding in the health sciences and education. In 2008, he was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to South Africa and lectured on research methodology at five universities.