In the mid-1980s the European Journal of Biochemistry set out to publish review articles. The enterprise proved successful resulting in high-level reviews written by well-known scientists appearing in the Journal. The reviews represent emerging and rapidly growing fields of research in fundamental as well as applied areas of biochemistry, such as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture and nutrition. Novel methodological and technological approaches which stimulate biochemical research are also included. The authors of the reviews are explicitly asked to be critical, selective, evaluative and interdisciplinarily oriented. The reviews should encourage young scientists toward independent and creative thinking, and inform active investigators about the state of the art in a given field.
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With contributions by numerous experts
Thermodynamics and the structure of biological macromolecules 187/1 (Jan. I).- Transforming growth factors and the regulation of cell proliferation 187/3 (Feb. II).- A structural basis of light energy and electron transfer in biology 187/2 (Jan. II).- Current approaches to macromolecular crystallization 189/1 (April I).- Protein kinase C and T cell activation 189/2 (April II).- Molecular analysis of a cellular decision during embryonic development of Drosophila elanogaster:epidermogenesis or neurogenesis 190/1 (Mai II).- Form determination of the heads of bacteriophages 190/2 (June I).- Insulin-like growth factors I and II 190/3 (June II).- Translational dynamics 191/1 (July I).- Translation and regulation of translation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae 191/2 (July II).- Nonribosomal biosynthesis of peptide antibiotics 192/1 (Aug. II).- Biologically active products of stimulated liver macrophages (Kupffer cells) 192/2 (Sep. I).- Techniques in plant molecular biology - progress and problems ).- myo-Inositol metabolites as cellular signals 193/1 (Oct. I).- Structural and functional aspects of calcium homeostasis in eukaryotic cells 193/3 (Nov. I).- The inhibitory glycine receptor: A ligand-gated chloride channel of the central nervous system 194/1 (Nov. II).- Recent advances in the molecular analysis of inherited disease 194/2 (Dec. I).- Self recognition by the immune system 194/3 (Dec. II).- Eukaryotic DNA replication - Enzymes and proteins acting at the fork 194/3 (Dec. II).
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