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Greek Whisky - 2013 - (9780857458773)

Greek Whisky: The Localization of a Global Commodity

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Tryfon Bampilis teaches cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (UVA), The Netherlands, and has served as scientific advisor at the Netherlands Institute in Athens (NIA). He is coeditor of Social Matter(s): Recent Approaches to Materiality(LIT Verlag, 2013)and has published on the anthropology of modernity, consumption, and material culture

In many contexts of Greek social life, Scotch whisky has coincidentally become a symbol of "Greekness," national identity, modernity and middle class. This ethnographic study follows the social life of Scotch in Greece through three distinct trajectories in time and space in order to investigate how the meanings of the beverage are projected, negotiated, and acquired by various different networks. By examining the mediascapes of the Greek cultural industry, the Athenian nightlife and entertainment, and the North Aegean drinking habits, the study illustrates how Scotch became associated with modernity, popular music and culture, a lavish style and an anti-domestic masculine mentality.

Acknowledgments List of Displayed Matter Note on transliteration Preface Introduction: The social life of whisky Chapter 1. The imported spirits industry in Greece Chapter 2. Dreams of modernity: Imagining the consumption of whisky during the golden age of Greek cinema Chapter 3. "Keep walking": whisky marketing and the Imaginary of "scale making" in advertising Chapter 4. The social life of whisky in Athens. Popular style, night entertainment and bouzoukia with live Greek popular music Chapter 5. The location of whisky in the North Aegean Conclusion: Trajectories of Scotch whisky, realms of localization References

  • Utgitt: 2013
  • Innbinding: Innbundet (stive permer)
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  • ISBN13: 9780857458773
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