Build robust full-stack web applications using two of the world's most popular programming languages Python and JavaScriptKey FeaturesDiscover similarities and differences between JavaScript and Python coding conventionsExplore frontend web concepts, UI/UX techniques, and JavaScript frameworks to enhance your web development skillsPut your JS knowledge into practice by developing a full-stack web app with React and ExpressBook DescriptionKnowledge of Python is a great foundation for learning other languages. This book will help you advance in your software engineering career by leveraging your Python programming skills to learn JavaScript and apply its unique features not only for frontend web development but also for streamlining work on the backend. Starting with the basics of JavaScript, you'll cover its syntax, its use in the browser, and its frameworks and libraries. From working with user interactions and ingesting data from APIs through to creating APIs with Node.js, this book will help you get up and running with JavaScript using hands-on exercises, code snippets, and detailed descriptions of JavaScript implementation and benefits. To understand the use of JavaScript in the backend, you'll explore Node.js and discover how it communicates with databases. As you advance, you'll get to grips with creating your own RESTful APIs and connecting the frontend and backend for holistic full-stack development knowledge. By the end of this Python JavaScript book, you'll have the knowledge you need to write full-fledged web applications from start to finish. You'll have also gained hands-on experience of working through several projects, which will help you advance in your career as a JavaScript developer.What you will learnDiscover the differences between Python and JavaScript at both the syntactical and semantical levelBecome well versed in implementing JavaScript in the frontend as well as the backendUnderstand the separation of concerns while using Python programming for server-side developmentGet to grips with frontend web development tasks, including UI/UX design, form validation, animations, and much moreCreate modern interaction interfaces for your Python web applicationExplore modern web technologies and libraries for building full-stack applicationsWho this book is forThis book is for experienced Python programmers who are looking to expand their knowledge of frontend and backend web development with JavaScript. An understanding of data types, functions, and scope is necessary to get to grips with the concepts covered in the book. Familiarity with HTML and CSS, Document Object Model (DOM), and Flask or Django will help you to learn JavaScript easily.
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This book will show you how you can leverage your Python skills to learn JavaScript by comparing them at the syntactical and semantical level. You'll discover why and when to use JavaScript, connect to a Node.js backend to create meaningful experiences, and finally create a full-stack application utilizing all layers of a web application.
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Table of ContentsThe Entrance of JavaScript into Mainstream ProgrammingCan We Use JavaScript Server-Side? Sure!Nitty-Gritty GrammarData and Your Friend, JSONHello World! and Beyond: Your First ApplicationThe Document Object Model (DOM)Events, Event-Driven Design, and APIsWorking with Frameworks and LibrariesDeciphering Error Messages and Performance LeaksJavaScript, Ruler of the Front-EndWhat is Node.js?Node.js versus PythonUsing ExpressReact with DjangoCombining Node.js with the Front-EndEnter WebpackSecurity and KeysNode.js and MongoDBPutting it All Together
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Chicago-born, Iowa-raised, Los Angeles-seasoned, and now New York City-flavored, Sonyl Nagale started his career as a graphic designer focusing on web, which led down the slippery slope to becoming a full-stack technologist instead. With an eye toward the client use case and conversation with the creative side, he prides himself on taking a holistic approach to software engineering. Having worked at start-ups and global media companies using a variety of languages and frameworks, he likes solving new and novel challenges. Passionate about education, he's always excited to have great teachable moments complete with laughter and seeing the "Aha!" moments in students' eyes.