′In short, Lloyd and Lucas′ approach is challenging in its emphasis on a ′positive′ and holistic orientation to health and always humane in its emphasis on quality of life and, in the authors′ words, ′the indivisibility of the individual from society′ -Professor Keith Tones Health Promotion is a major focus of government policy and an expanding area of practice involving a range of public health professionals. At the same time, there is much debate about what is meant by "health" and the best strategies for improving, developing and promoting it. In light of these debates, Health Promotion offers a major reappraisal of health promotion activity, examining the evidence for what actually works and highlighting issues for improving efficacy. The field of health promotion has traditionally drawn from diverse fields including health psychology, epidemiology, political science and educational theory. The authors argue that the effect of this has often been an unhelpfully fragmented view of people and their health. They propose an alternative, more integrated view as means of better understanding people and for making public health strategies more effective. Health Promotion: Evidence and Experience makes thought-provoking reading for all those involved in public health and those with an interest in finding new ways to improve health outcomes.
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