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History and Philosophy of Science:  A Reader - 2018 - (9781474232722)

History and Philosophy of Science: A Reader

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Daniel J. McKaughan is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Boston College, USA.Holly VandeWall is Assistant Professor of the Practice of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Boston College, USA.

The History and Philosophy of Science: A Reader brings together seminal texts from antiquity to the end of the nineteenth century and makes them accessible in one volume for the first time.With readings from Aristotle, Aquinas, Copernicus, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Lavoisier, Linnaeus, Darwin, Faraday, and Maxwell, it analyses and discusses major classical, medieval and modern texts and figures from the natural sciences. Grouped by topic to clarify the development of methods and disciplines and the unification of theories, each section includes an introduction, suggestions for further reading and end-of-section discussion questions, allowing students to develop the skills needed to:read, interpret, and critically engage with central problems and ideas from the history and philosophy of scienceunderstand and evaluate scientific material found in a wide variety of professional and popular settingsappreciate the social and cultural context in which scientific ideas emergeidentify the roles that mathematics plays in scientific inquiryFeaturing primary sources in all the core scientific fields - astronomy, physics, chemistry, and the life sciences - The History and Philosophy of Science: A Reader is ideal for students looking to better understand the origins of natural science and the questions asked throughout its history. By taking a thematic approach to introduce influential assumptions, methods and answers, this reader illustrates the implications of an impressive range of values and ideas across the history and philosophy of Western science.

An introductory anthology of original source readings in the history and philosophy of science covering antiquity to the end of the 19th century.

TimelineIntroduction, Daniel J. McKaughan and Holly VandeWallPart I. ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL NATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND MATHEMATICSIntroductionPlato, PhilebusPlato, RepublicPlato, TimaeusLucretius, On The Nature of ThingsAristotle, CategoriesAristotle, Posterior AnalyticsAristotle, PhysicsAristotle, On the HeavensAristotle, MeteorologyAristotle, De AnimaAristotle, Parts of AnimalsAristotle, Generation of AnimalsEuclid, ElementsApollonius, The ConicsPtolemy, Introduction to the AlmagestAvicenna, De MineralibusAl-Biruni, Letters to Avicenna on Aristotelian Astronomy and PhysicsAquinas, On the Motion of the HeartBuridan, Questions on Aristotelian PhilosophyOresme, A Treatise on the Configuration of Qualities and MotionsSuggested ReadingsDiscussion QuestionsPart II. TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE: MECHANICS AND ASTRONOMYIntroductionCopernicus, On the Revolutions of the Celestial SpheresOsiander, Preface to On the RevolutionsTycho Brahe, Preface to The Improved Mechanic AstronomyKepler, Astronomia NovaGalileo, Message to Cosimo de'MediciGalileo, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World SystemsGalileo, Dialogue Concerning the Two New SciencesDescartes, Discourse on MethodDescartes, Principles of PhilosophyDescartes, Le MondeBacon, The New OrganonBacon, The New AtlantisNewton, PrincipiaHuygens, Treatise on LightNewton, OpticksNewton, Letter to OldenbergBuffon, On the Formation of the PlanetsSuggested ReadingsDiscussion QuestionsPart III: TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE: CHEMISTRY, HEAT, AND THE UNIFICATION OF FORCESIntroductionHermes Trismegistus, The Emerald TabletParacelsus, Of the Nature of ThingsNewton, The Key and Commentary on the Emerald TabletBoyle, On the Excellency and Grounds of the Corpuscular or Mechanical HypothesisBoyle, Experimental Researches on CombustionBoyle, The Sceptical ChymistBecher, Concerning the First Principle of Metals and StonesStahl, PreliminariesPriestley, Of Dephlogisticated AirLavoisier, Elements of ChemistryYoung, On the Theory of Light and ColorsDalton, A New System of Chemical PhilosophyGay-Lussac, Memoir on the Combination of GasesAvagadro, Determining Relative Masses of Elementary MoleculesOersted, The Electromagnetic Effect (4 pages)Faraday, Lectures on Electricity and MagnetismFaraday, Experimental Researches in ElectricityCarnot, Reflections on the Motive Power of FireClausius, On the Nature of the Motion We Call HeatMaxwell, A Dynamical Theory of the ElectroMagnetic FieldCanizzaro, Sketch of a Course of Chemical PhilosophyMendeleev, Relation between Properties and Atomic WeightsKelvin, On the Dynamical Theory of HeatSuggested ReadingsDiscussion QuestionsPart IV: THE SPECIALIZATION OF NATURAL HISTORY: THE HUMAN ANIMAL, ZOOLOGY, BOTANY, AND GEOLOGYIntroductionWilliam Harvey, Concerning the Movement of the Heart and BloodDescartes, Treatise on ManHooke, MicrographiaSchwann, Microscopical InvestigationsBuffon, Natural History "Second Discourse"Buffon, On the Generation and Species of AnimalsLinnaeus, On the Increase of the Habitable EarthLinnaeus, Economy of NatureCuvier, On the Revolutions of the Earthly GlobeLamarck, Zoological PhilosophyCuvier, Lectures on Comparative Anatomy and Natural History of FishesLyell, Principles of GeologyPaley, Natural TheologyMalthus, An Essay on the Principle of PopulationMendel, Experiments in Plant HybridizationSuggested ReadingsDiscussion QuestionsPart V. EVOLUTIONARY THEORY: DARWINISM AND ITS RECEPTIONIntroductionA. R. Wallace, On the Tendency of Varieties to DepartDarwin, The Origin of SpeciesDarwin, Descent of ManDarwin, Variation of Plants and Animals "Pangenesis"Kelvin, On the Age of the Earth: Uniformity Briefly Refuted and Of Geological DynamicsJenkin, Review of the Origin of the SpeciesSedgwick, Objections to Mr. Darwin's TheoryOwen, Darwin on the Origin of SpeciesGray, Darwin and His ReviewersAgassiz, Methods in the Study of Natural HistoryHuxley, T. H., The Coming of Age of the Origin of SpeciesSuggested ReadingsDiscussion QuestionsGlossaryIndex

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