This stimulating and challenging book provides a guide to reflexivity and reflexive practice, explaining its relevance to research in management, organisation studies and the social sciences. Rooted in the latest research, case studies and the author's personal experience, the book builds a new perspective on reflexive practice involving bodily, emotional, rational and relational insights. Paul Hibbert draws on personal experience, using the examples of his doctoral research and an advanced collaborative research project as case studies, to demonstrate how reflexive practice plays out in a range of research contexts. Each chapter includes dialogue points to encourage the reader to form their own opinions in response to the author's point of view. Offering prospects for research that incorporates personal learning, growth and development, How to be a Reflexive Researcher also explores avenues of future research on reflexivity and reflexive practice. The book concludes that reflexive practice is not simply a research skill but is instead integral to the scholarly way of life. Providing a comprehensive treatment of reflexive practice, this book will be a useful guide for scholars and students of business and management and the social sciences more broadly, especially those with an interest in qualitative and interpretive research approaches.
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'In an age where reflexivity has gained increased attention, this book stands out for its comprehensive, holistic exploration of this topic. Rooted in his expertise and with a voice of authenticity and compassion, Hibbert explores the complexity of reflexivity in a nuanced manner while also providing clear guidance for how to integrate reflexive practice into all phases of the research process. Whether one is just beginning their doctoral program or has decades of experience with interpretive scholarship, this work can help the reader learn and grow as a researcher and in cultivating a "scholarly way of life."'-Danna Greenberg, Babson College, USA'I wish I had read this book as a new PhD student and researcher. I was immediately drawn into Paul's personal story, used to explain key reflexive concepts and four reflexive practices which structure the book. The focus on everyday future oriented reflexivity, "what I should do next?" and past-oriented reflexivity "how did I come to make those choices?" really provoked my thinking. It is brilliant in vividly illustrating reflexivity as a personal project, reflexive practice and the messiness of research. A must read for new and experienced researchers.'-Sharon Mavin, Newcastle University, UK'An outstanding achievement. Hibbert's book provides us with an authoritative and ambitious resource for developing and analysing our own practice as reflexive researchers. His command of his subject is evident in the way he renders complex theory and methods accessible and practical, drawing on his own personal and professional experiences in support. Delightfully, he demonstrates how to be a reflexive researcher through the act of writing the book. An indispensable resource for reflexive researchers at any stage of their career.'- Helen Sullivan, Australian National University, Australia
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Paul Hibbert, Faculty Dean and Professor of Management, University of St Andrews, UK