This volume presents a collection of essays by the celebrated philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe. This collection includes papers on human nature and practical philosophy, together with the classic 'Modern Moral Philosophy'.
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This volume presents a collection of essays by the celebrated philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe. This collection includes papers on human nature and practical philosophy, together with the classic 'Modern Moral Philosophy'.
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Preface Luke Gormally Introduction Mary Geach Human Life ========= 1 Analytical Philosophy and the Spirituality of Man 2 Has Mankind One Soul: An Angel Distributed Through Many Bodies? 3 Human Essence 4 Were You a Zygote? 5 Embryos and Final Causes 6 Knowledge and Reverence for Human Life 7 The Dignity of the Human Being Action and Practical Reason ===================== 8 Chisholm on Action 9 The Causation of Action 10 Practical Inference 11 Practical Truth Ethics ===== 12 Does Oxford Moral Philosophy Corrupt Youth? 13 Modern Moral Philosophy 14 Good and Bad Human Action 15 Action, Intention and 'Double Effect' 16 The Controversy over a New Morality 17 Must One Obey One's Conscience? 18 Glanville Williams' The Sanctity of Life and the Criminal Law: A Review 19 Who is Wronged? Philippa Foot on Double Effect 20 Prolegomenon to a Pursuit of the Definition of Murder: The Illegal and the Unlawful 21 Murder and the Morality of Euthanasia 22 Commentary on John Harris' 'Ethical Problems in the Management of Severely Handicapped Children' 23 Sins of Omission? The Non-Treatment of Controls in Clinical Trials Index 292
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"A collection of splendid essays, all of which repay repeated reading and which should also have pride of place on the bookshelves of all self-respecting contemporary philosophers." -- David Carr * Philosophical Books *"'One of the most distinguished professional philosophers of her generation." -- Michael Dummett * The Tablet *"'Superb collection of Anscombe's writings." -- Robert George * First Things *"Demonstrates a refreshing willingness to go to the heart of the philosophical issues underlying some of the most hotly disputed moral questions of our time." -- Samuel Gregg * Journal of Markets and Morality *"The most brilliant of Wittgenstein's students... an original and formidable philosopher." -- Simon Blackburn * Times Literary Supplement *"Her work witnesses of a great intellectual honesty in dealing with moral problems. The language is sometimes quite technical, but her arguments are exceptionally clear." -- Tomas Folens * Ethical Perspectives *"The essays reprinted here show the extraordinary originality and great interest of Anscombe's work in action theory and moral philosophy." -- Philippa Foot"The editors and the publishers have done philosophy a great service." -- Alasdair MacIntyre"In the latter half of the twentieth century Anscombe could hold her own with any philosopher in the world." -- Anthony Kenny"Elizabeth Ancsombe thought deeply, wrote beautifully, and was never taken in by pretence." -- Roger Scruton"'Truly one of the great philosophers of the twentieth century." -- Hilary Putnam"The undoubted giant among women philosophers, a writer of immense breadth, authority and penetration ... a truly original philosopher." -- University of Cambridge"Philosophy as she does it is fresh; her arguments take unexpected turns and make unexpected connections, and show always how much there is that had not been seen before." -- University of Virginia"Anscombe's fusion of the Aristotelian and analytical traditions is one of the highest peaks of 20th century philosophy; it has lost none of its power to destroy philosophical complacency and excite new philosophical thought." -- University of Pittsburgh"However well-versed anyone might be in the literature of ethics, no one can possibly fail to learn a great deal, both as regards moral philosophy as well as about what the moral life involves, from this hugely rich, profound and absorbing collection of articles and lectures by Anscombe. ... It should be compulsory reading for all students of applied ethics." -- David Conway * Philosophy *"The essays in Human Life, Action and Ethics provide both guidance concerning such concepts as intention and murder, and a challenging, articulate presentation of a rival traditional ethic ... All philosophers working on ethics and intention should read these essays." -- Duncan Richter * Journal of Value Inquiry *"One hopes that this very fine selection of essays will be an encouragement to engage in such work." -- Kevin L. Flannery * Acta Philosophica *"Anscombe carried out the work that is widely and reasonably judged the twentieth century's outstanding English Catholic philosophical achievement." -- John Finnis * The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly *
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Anscombe (1919-2001) read classics and philosophy at St Hugh's College, Oxford from 1937 to 1941 in which year she married the philosopher Peter Geach. She subsequently researched in philosophy at Newnham College, Cambridge where she became a student and friend of Ludwig Wittgenstein. One of his literary executors, she played a large part in editing his unpublished works and was their principal English translator. In 1946 she returned to Oxford as a University Lecturer in 1951. From 1970 until her retirement in 1986 she held the Chair of Philosophy at Cambridge.