Will the workplace of the future be overrun by machines and robots? Are the new frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) on the cusp of dethroning us in efficiency, intelligence and innovative potential? Automation and AI will augment our human world and potential. The winners of the future of work are those that harness the power of machines to their advantage. Human/Machine is the only guide you need to understand the fourth industrial revolution. It sets out a road map to the challenges ahead, but also unlocks the wondrous opportunities that it offers. Human/Machine explores how we will work symbiotically with machines, detailing how institutions, companies, individuals and education providers will evolve to integrate seamlessly with new technologies. With exclusive case studies, this book offers a glimpse into the future and details how top companies are already thriving on this very special relationship. From gamification in job training to project management teams integrated with bots and predictive technologies that fix problems in the supply chain before they happen, the authors deliver a powerful manifesto for the adoption and celebration of automation and AI. In a much more fluid, skills-based economy, we will all need to prove our worth and future-proof our skills base. This book offers a blueprint to avoid being left behind and unearth the opportunities unique to human-machine partnership ecosystems.
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Explore how the future of human work enhanced by machines will open the door to a new golden age of innovation, discovery, operational efficiency and opportunity.
Chapter - 01: A short history of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 02: The state of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 03: Framing expectations for the next age of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 04: How businesses should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 05: How workers should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 06: How educational institutions should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 07: How consumers should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 08: How technology companies should prepare for the next age of human-machine partnerships;Chapter - 09: The future of human-machine partnerships - putting it all together;
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Daniel Newman is Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group. Living his life at the intersection of people and technology, Newman works with large technology brands exploring digital transformation and how it influences our world. A five-times best-selling author, he is a Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post contributor. Olivier Blanchard draws from his extensive experience managing product innovation, technology adoption, digital integration and change management for industry leaders in a variety of sectors to help decision makers, and their organizations, understand the many risks and opportunities of technology-driven disruption and leverage innovation.