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Marketing Aesthetics - 2009 - (9781439172926)

Marketing Aesthetics

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Bernd Schmitt and Alex Simonson teach marketing courses at Columbia Business School and Georgetown University, respectively. Professor Schmitt lives in New York and Shanghai, and Professor Simonson lives in Washington, D.C. and New York.

There is no way to mistake the ubiquitous trademarked Coca-Cola bottle, or the stylish ads for Absolut Vodka with any of their competitors. How have these companies created this irresistible appeal for their brands? How have they sustained a competitive edge through aesthetics?Bernd Schmitt and Alex Simonson, two leading experts in the emerging field of identity management, offer clear guidelines for harnessing a company's total aesthetic output -- its "look and feel" -- to provide a vital competitive advantage. Going beyond standard traditional approaches on branding, this fascinating book is the first to combine branding, identity, and image and to show how aesthetics can be managed through logos, brochures, packages, and advertisements, as well as sounds, scents, and lighting, to sell "the memorable experience." The authors explore what makes a corporate or brand identity irresistible, what styles and themes are crucial for different contexts, and what meanings certain visual symbols convey. Any person in any organization in any industry can benefit from employing the tools of "marketing aesthetics."Schmitt and Simonson describe how a firm can use these tools strategically to create a variety of sensory experiences that will (1) ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty; (2) sustain lasting customer impressions about a brand's or organization's special personality; (3) permit premium pricing; (4) provide legal "trade dress" protection from competitive attacks; (5) lower costs and raise productivity; and (6) most importantly, create irresistible appeal. The authors show how to manage identity globally and how to develop aesthetically pleasing retail spaces and environments. They also address the newly emergent topic of how to manage corporate and brand identity on the Internet. Supporting their thesis with numerous real-world success stories such as Absolut Vodka, Nike, the Gap, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Starbucks, the New Beetle Website, and Lego, the authors explain how actual companies have developed, refined, and maintained distinct corporate identities that set them apart from competitors.

CONTENTSForeword by Tom PetersPrefaceAcknowledgmentsPART I: AESTHETICS AS A STRATEGIC TOOL1.Aesthetics: The New Marketing ParadigmAbsolut Vodka: Aesthetics with a TwistGAP, Inc.: Revamping Casual Retailing Through AestheticsCathay Pacific Airways: The Heart of AsiaAesthetics as a DifferentiatorCutting-Edge Organizations Focus on AestheticsFrom Benefits and Branding to ExperiencesMarketing AestheticsAesthetics Provides Tangible Value for the OrganizationAesthetics Must Be Everyone's ConcernAesthetics Strategy2. Creating Identity and Image Through AestheticsLucent Technologies: A New Identity for the AT&T Spin-OffCreating a New IdentityDrivers of Identity ManagementIdentity Management Is Not Brand ManagementContinental Airlines: A Comprehensive Identity OverhaulIdentity Planning: Past, Present, and FutureHow This Book Will Help ManagersThe Corporate Expressions/Customer Impressions FrameworkPART II: IDENTITY MANAGEMENT THROUGH AESTHETICS3.Corporate and Brand ExpressionsIBM's Corporate and Brand ExpressionsManaging ExpressionsThe Public Face of the Organization and Its BrandsManaging Different Types of IdentitiesManaging Identity ChangesExpressing the Private Self of the Organization or Its BrandsRelating the Public Face and the Private SelfApplication: Digital CorporationPlanning Devices for Managing ExpressionsSummary4. StylesStarbucks and the Coffee Craze PhenomenonWhat Is "Style"?Sight: All Perceptions Start with the EyeShapeColorUsing Color for IdentityWhat Does Color Mean to Customers?The Structure of Color CategoriesTypefaceSoundTouchApplication: S.D. Warren's Material AestheticsScent: Taste and SmellCreating a Style: SynesthesiaApplication: GilletteStrategic Issues in Style CreationModifying a StyleDimensions of StyleSummary5. ThemesPepperidge Farm Cookies: Themes of a Distinctive CollectionExpressive ThemesCreating Themes Through Aesthetics: Three StagesAnalyzing the Organization, Its Customers, and Its CompetitorsFinding Rich Thematic ContentRepresenting Themes Through AestheticsStrategic Issues in Theme SelectionSummary6. Overall Customer ImpressionsThe Four Seasons: Understated EleganceThe Importance of Overall ImpressionsMinimizing Gaps Between Expressions and ImpressionsarOverall Impressions: Process and ContentProcess: How Customers Arrive at Overall ImpressionsContent: Dimensions of Overall ImpressionsApplication: DieselSummaryPART III: MEASURING AND PROTECTING AESTHETICS7. Assessment and Research Tools for Aesthetics ManagementResearching and Measuring Corporate and Brand LogosThe Role of Research in Aesthetics ManagementThe Perils of Anecdotal Evidence in Aesthetics ManagementSuspicious Views of Research in the Design ProcessResearch for Identity PlanningBasic Tools for Useful ResearchAssessing the Status QuoDetermining Where to GoDeveloping a DesignMonitoring and TrackingSummary8. Protecting Aesthetics and IdentityTaco Cabana v. Two Pesos: Two Restaurants Fight Over an IdentityLegal Issues in IdentityIdentities as Legally Sanctioned Barriers to CompetitionProtecting Brands From ConfusionProtecting Identity From ConfusionSpecial Requirements for Protecting Aesthetic IdentityProtecting ImageManaging the Protection ProcessHow to Handle Infringement Against Your IdentitySummaryPART IV: COMPREHENSIVE IDENTITY MANAGEMENT9. Global Identity ManagementLEGO: The Universal Concept of Play from DenmarkTamagotchi: The Japanese Virtual PetKey Management Issues in Creating Global IdentitiesDeciding Whether to Standardize or Localize an IdentityOrganization/Competitive FactorsCultural FactorsIndustry and Product Category FactorsAttitudes Toward Foreign ImagesStyles and Themes in Global Identity ManagementApplication: Bosch in East AsiaApplication: Motorola in ChinaSummary10. Retail Spaces and EnvironmentsGodiva: A Memorable In-Store Chocolate ExperienceNike: Prom Sports Shoes to Aesthetic Totalitarianism?Aesthetics in Retail and Environmental SpacesStrategic Issues for Retailers and ManufacturersModern Retail IdentitiesApplication: Ann TaylorEnvironmental SpacesManaging Retail and Environmental AestheticsCyberspaces11. Corporate and Brand Identity on the InternetVolkswagen's New Beetle Web SiteNetscape and Yahoo!The World Wide Web as a Marketing ToolThe World Wide Web as an Identity ElementThe Unique Properties of the WebCreating Identity on the WebThe Future Is Now: Transient Images and Virtual IdentitiesNotesIndexAbout the Authors

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