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Maskerado: Dancing Around Death In Nazi Hungary - 2001 - (9781841951805)

Maskerado: Dancing Around Death In Nazi Hungary

Nettpris: 171,-
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Format: Heftet (myke permer)
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In addition to Maskerado TIVADOR SOROS also wrote Crusoes in Siberia, a memoir of his experiences in a prisoner-of-war camp at the conclusion of World War One. In 1956, at the time of the Hungarian revolution, he and his wife escaped to the West, where he lived in New York until his death in 1968.

This account of survival is told by a Budapest lawyer who secured fake Christian identities for himself, his wife and his two children following the invasion of the Germans in March 1944. Soros views his experiences with a beguiling humour and a deep humanity.

Foreword by Paul and George Soros

  • Utgitt: 2001
  • Innbinding: Heftet (myke permer)
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN10: 1841951803
  • ISBN13: 9781841951805
  • Forlag: Canongate Books Ltd
  • Sider: 288

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