The fifth edition of the classic text Thinking and Deciding updates the broad overview of the field of judgments and decisions offered in previous editions. It covers the normative standards used to evaluate conclusions, such as logic, probability, and various forms of utility theory. It explains descriptive accounts of departures from these standards, largely in terms of principles of cognitive psychology, emphasizing the distinction between search processes and inferences. Chapters cover decisions under risk, decision analysis, moral decisions and social dilemmas, and decisions about the future. Although the book assumes no particular prerequisites beyond introductory high-school algebra, it is most suited to advanced undergraduates, early graduate students, and active researchers in related fields, such as business, politics, law, medicine, economics, and philosophy.
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Preface; Part I. Thinking in General: 1. What is thinking?; 2. The study of thinking; 3. Rationality; 4. Logic; Part II. Probability and Belief: 5. Normative theory of probability; 6. Descriptive theory of probability judgment; 7. Hypothesis testing; 8. Judgment of correlation and contingency; 9. Actively open-minded thinking (AOT); Part III. Decisions and Plans: 10. Choice under uncertainty: normative theory; 11. Choice under uncertainty: descriptive theory; 12. Risk; 13. Choice under certainty; 14. Utility measurement; 15. Decision analysis and values; 16. Quantitative judgment; 17. Moral judgment and choice; 18. Fairness and justice; 19. Social dilemmas: cooperation v. defection; 20. Decisions about the future; Index.
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'This is the definitive textbook on decision making, reflecting Baron's unmatched combination of intellectual breadth and precision. Grounded in fundamentals, this book integrates seamlessly across disciplines and incorporates the most important new ideas. It's an ideal introduction for students and a vital reference for seasoned scholars - a remarkable achievement.' Joshua Greene, Harvard University, USA
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A thorough introduction to the basic principles of judgments and decisions, emphasizing explanations over simple review of facts.


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Biographical note

Jonathan Baron has a BA in Psychology from Harvard and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Michigan, USA. He has published over 200 papers and several books, including Rationality and Intelligence (1985), Morality and Rational Choice (1993), Judgment Misguided (1998), and Against Bioethics (2006). From 1974 to 2013, he taught at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, where he advised 32 PhD students. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Psychonomic Society, and the Society of Experimental Psychologists (among other groups). He is founding editor and current co-editor of Judgment and Decision Making (2006).