Since its inception, just after the Second World War, Human Factors research has paid special attention to the issues surrounding human control of systems. Command and control environments continue to represent a challenging domain for human factors research. Modelling Command and Control takes a broad view of command and control research, to include C2 (command and control), C3 (command, control and communication), and C4 (command, control, communication and computers) as well as human supervisory control paradigms. The book presents case studies in diverse military applications (for example, land, sea and air) of command and control. The book explores the differences and similarities in the land, sea and air domains; the theoretical and methodological developments, approaches to system and interface design, and the workload and situation awareness issues involved. It places the role of humans as central and distinct from other aspects of the system. Using extensive case study material, Modelling Command and Control demonstrates how the social and technical domains interact, and why each require equal treatment and importance in the future.
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Contents: Preface; Overview; Modelling command and control; Event analysis of systemic team-work; Case study at HMS Dryad; Case study in RAF Boeing E3D sentry; Case study in battle-group HQ; Development of a generic process model of command and control; Bibliography; Index.
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'The book provides an excellent overview of the many existing command and control modelling techniques and provides a useful critique of each.' HFES Newsletter 2, 2008 'The book should be invaluable to researchers and system designers involved in diverse applications of C2 and to all those interested in the analysis of C2 in emergency services, civilian services and the armed services.' Australian Defence Force Journal Issue 179, 2009
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Neville A. Stanton is Research Professor in the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University, London, UK. Chris Baber is a Reader in Interactive Systems Design in the Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Birmingham, UK. Don Harris is a Reader and Course Director for the MSc in Human Factors in Health & Safety at Work and Ergonomics, Director of the Flight Deck Design and Aviation Safety Group and of the Defence Human Factors Group at Cranfield University, UK.