This book is not so much a history of events, or a record of what has happened to the Order laid out in a chronological time-line, but a story of a transformation from one state to another very different state. It is a story of rebirth that exists simultaneously outside and within space-time. It exists outside of space-time, in that it concerns the invisible development and emergence of a spiritual essence taking place within the heart and mind of the Order. Yet, it clearly exists within space-time, as described in the Order's record of that emergence; not all of which is comfortable.
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This book is a history of a transformation from one state to another very different state.
Illustrations vi Acknowledgements vii Preface 1 Introduction 3 The Beginning of the Order 6 The Stella Matutina 11 Dennis Green 14 The Quest Club 16 Mar Georgius 17 House Churches 22 A Change of Administration 31 Father Morris Saville 32 Rebirth 34 The Order Of Dionysis & Paul 46 Context 52 Allan Armstrong 58 The Order today 80 The Path 87 St Cyprian 89 Bibliography & Early References 109 Appendix 1 Background Information 111 Appendix 2 Early References 115 Appendix 3 Lines of Succession 120 Appendix 4 List of Members 122 Appendix 5 Concerning the Name 123 The Author 124 Contact Details 125
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Allan Armstrong, also known as Brother Marcus, has been a member of the Order of Dionysis & Paul since 1976. He succeeded Mar Francis as Prior General in 1991. A position he still holds. He has devoted his life to developing a greater understanding of the spiritual life and the path of spiritual perfection. His research interests reflect this in his study of comparative religion; spiritual disciplines including prayer & meditation; liturgical studies; spiritual healing methods and mysticism. Apart from his Order duties and bringing up a family, Allan is the author of Tales of Brother Marcus, I & II; The Secret Garden of the Soul; Notes on Meditation; Aspects of the Spiritual life; Spiritualise Your Life; and has written introductions to Frederic de Portal's Symbolic Colours; G.B. Scaramelli's Handbook of Mystical Philosophy; E.A. Wallis Budge's translation of The Paradise of the Fathers; C.E. Rolt's translation of Dionysis on the Divine Names; Dudley Wright's Prayer; Ruysbroeck's The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage, and the English translation of Brianchaninov's On the Prayer of Jesus. Allan currently lives in Wiltshire with his family.