The Fourteenth Rare Earth Research Conference was held June 25- 28, 1979, at North Dakota State University in Fargo. The meeting was hosted by the College of Science and Mathematics and the Depart ment of Physics. Since the first conference was held in 1960, sub sequent meetings have grown in size and prestige to become one of the leading international forums devoted to disseminating new infor mation relative to rare earth science and technology. The meeting in Fargo was one of the largest yet held. The Program Committee scheduled over 160 papers repres~nting colleagues from 18 countries in both oral and poster sessions that - cluded Spectroscopy (Luminescence, Fluorescence, Laser, Mossbauer, ESR); Metallurgy and Materials Preparation; Solution, Solvation and Analytical Chemistry; X-ray and Neutron Diffraction; Transport and Thermal Properties; Hydrides; Magnetism; and Rare Earth Technology. A first and special event which the organizers hope to perpet uate at future meetings was to announce the recipient of the rare earth prize, hereafter called the Frank H. Spedding Award. Governor Arthur A. Link, State of North Dakota, on behalf of the Selection Committee, presented Professor Frank H. Spedding with a special citation. Professor Spedding spoke briefly and introduced the first recipient, Professor W. Edward Wallace from the University of Pitts burgh.
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The Fourteenth Rare Earth Research Conference was held June 25- 28, 1979, at North Dakota State University in Fargo.
The Frank H. Spedding Award Address: Studies of Rare Earth Intermetallic Compounds and Rare Earth Hydrides.- Materials Preparation.- From Infinity to Zero and Back Again to Infinity (From Mixed Rare Earths to Ultrapure Metals to Pseudo-Lanthanides).- Determination of the Effective Segregation Coefficient of Oxygen in Terbium During Zone Refining.- Electrowinning of Gadolinium Metal Below 1,000 DegreesC.- Zone Refining of High Purity Ce and Gd Metals.- Intermetallic Compounds in R. E.(Al,Ga)2? and R. E.(Cu,Ga)2 Alloys.- Equilibrium Relations Among Magnetic Phases in Mischmetal Cobalt Systems.- Mixed Halide Phases in the Chloride-Iodide Systems of Lanthanum and Gadolinium.- Preparation and Purification of GdCl3.- Solid-State Reactions of Some Lanthanide Orthophosphates with Sodium Carbonate.- Preparation and Thermal Studies of a Cerium (III) Sulfite-Sulfate-Hydrate.- Synthesis and Characterization of RE (Se2O5)NO3*3H2O, a New Series of Rare Earth Compounds.- Coordination Chemistry.- Binding of Lanthanides and Actinides by Polyelectrolytes.- The Trend of the Eu3+-Ligand Bonding in Covalent and Ionic Rare-Earth Compounds.- Study of Complex Formation of the Lanthanides by Means of Fluorescence Spectroscopy.- Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) of Lanthanides: Study of the Eu3+ Ion in Aqueous Solution.- Solvent Effects on Erbium Chloride Complexation Reactions.- Complexes of the Heavier Lanthanoid Nitrates with Crown Ethersl).- Spectra and Redox Photochemistry of Crown Ether Complexes of Lanthanides.- New Approaches to the Study of Lanthanide/Actinide Chloride - Aluminum Chloride Vapor Phase Complexes.- Effect of Temperature on the Stability of Fluoro aComplexes of the Rare Earth Elements in Fluorite Bearing Model System.- Stability Constants of Rare-Earth Complexes with Some Organic Ligands.- Crystal Field Parameters for Eu(III) in Lanthanide Perchlorates with Hexamethylphosphoramide (HMPA).- Solvation of Eu (III) and Tb (III) Ions in Anhydrous CH3CN and DMF.- Yttrium Purification by Solvent Extraction.- Trigonal Primastic Versus Octahedral Coordination: The Crystal and Molecular Structures of Dy{S2P(C6H11)2}3 and Lu{S2P(C6H11)2}3.- Structural and Solid State Chemistry.- Crystal Chemistry of the Europium Pnictides.- Absorption Spectrophotometric and X-Ray Diffraction Studies of NdI3, NdOI and SmI3.- Solid State Chemistry in the Fluorites and Its Influence on the Spectroscopy.- New Anion-Excess, Fluorite-Related Superstructure Phases in LnF2-LnF3, CaF2-YF3 and Related Systems.- Structural Chemistry of Ternary Metal Borides: Rare Earth Metal-Noble Metal-Brown.- The Crystal Structure of PrOHSO4.- Oxidation of Praseodymia in Ternary Rare Earth Oxide Phases.- The Trivalent Behavior of Cerium. Implications for Cosmochemistry and Thermodynamics.- The Structures of Na3Ln(XO4)2 Phases (Ln = Rare-Earth, X = P, V, As).- Investigation of the Reactions of RE + RE2O3 Under High Pressures.- Polymorphism of the Rare Earth Digermanates and Disilicates Under High Pressure and Information Given by the Eu3+ Structural Probe.- Correlation of Optical and Paramagnetic Properties of Neodymium (4f3) in the Solid State.- Disordered Cations in Pseudo Spinels FeR2S4 (R = Yb, Lu, Sc).- Twins in LaSe2 and LaSe2?x and a Phase Transition in LaS2.- Valence Instabilities and Superconductivity.- Moessbauer Spectroscopy on Superconducting and Mixed Valent Europium Compounds.- Pressure Temperature Behavior of the Electronic Transitions in Sm4Bi3.- Moessbauer Studies of Er0.5Mo6Se8.- Superconductivity in the Yttrium Sesquicarbide System.- Superconductivity in La-Y-Mn Alloys.- The Anomalous Physical Properties of RESn3 and (LaRE)Sn3 Compounds and Alloys.- Physical Properties of Elements and Alloys.- 4f and Band Contribution to the Samarium Form Factor in Samarium Intermetallics.- On Various Anomalies in the Temperature Derivative of Transport Properties in RE Metallic Compounds.- Martensitic Transformation and Magnetic Structures Between the Sm-Type and the HCP Structures in Tb-Light Rare Earth Alloys.- ?-Ray Emission from Oriented Nuclei in a Multiaxis Nuclear Spin System: 166mHo165Ho.- Mirror Properties of Rare Earths by Electrons and Positrons.- The Vickers Microhardness and Pendulum Hardness of Polycrystalline Lanthanide Dicarbides.- Intermetallics.- Crystal Chemistry of Rare Earth - Transition Metal Compounds.- Atomic Volume Contraction in Rare Earth Nickel Intermetallics as a Function of Partial Coordination Number Coefficient.- Comparison Between the Magnetic Properties of Crystalline and Amorphous Rare Earth Transition Metal Alloys.- Electric Field Gradients and Exchange Interactions in Amorphous RE4Au Alloys.- Magnetic Excitations in TbFe2.- Magnetic Structures of the Mn-Rich Y6(Fe1?xMnx)23 Compounds.- Magnetostriction in Some R6Fe23 Rare Intermetal1ic Compounds.- Transport and Magnetic Properties of the Gd(CoxNi1?x) Series (0 ? x ? 0.3).- Neutron Diffraction Study of Th2(Co,Fe)17.- Magnetic Behavior of TmAl2 at Low Temperatures.- Critical Behavior of Transport Properties in GdCd Compounds.- Magnetic Behavior of RCu4A1 (R = Rare Earth) Intermetallic Compounds II.- The Curie-Weiss Law and the Chemical Bond.- Magnetic Properties of Some Sm2?xRxCo17?yMny Intermetallic Compounds.- The Effect of an Yttrium-Oxide Dispersion on the Yield and 'Memory' Characteristics of Nitinol.- Semiconducting and Insulating Compounds.- Heat Capacities of Lanthanide Compounds, Their Morphology, Schottky, and Lattice Contribution.- Thermophysics of the Lanthanide Trihydroxides - Resolution of the Lattice and Schottky Contributions.- Thermophysics of the Lanthanide Trichlorides - Reanalysis of the Schottky Heat Capacity Contributionsa.- Magnetic Properties of the Pyrochlores (RE)2V2O7 (RE = Tm, Yb, Lu): New Ferro- and Ferrimagnetic Semiconductors.- Magnetic and Transport Properties of LaTiO3.- The Magnetic Structure of ErTiO3.- Magnetic Properties of Single Crystal NdF3 in the Liquid Helium Temperature Region.- Magnetic and Electrical Properties of the Rare Earth Oxynitrides Eu1?xNdxO1?xNx.- The Magnetic Structure of Ho11Ge8.75Si1.25, Determined by Neutron Diffraction.- Magnetic Susceptibilities of SmP, SmAs, SmSb, SmBi, and Their Solid Solutions with SmS.- Electrical Resistivity of (NdxGd1?x)3?y S4: Magnetic Effects.- Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Ce3?xS4.- Spectroscopy.- Refining the Parameters of the Refined Spin-Pairing Energy Description.- Resolution of Individual Electron Orbits for Solid State Atoms by Flux Quantum Analysis? Simple IIIB-Compounds and Phase Transition of Gadolinium (A3-A2).- Quasi Stationary States and the L? and L? Satellites of the Heavy Rare Earths.- Calculated Radiative and Nonradiative Transition Probabilities and Stimulated Cross-Sections of Selected Er3+ Lines in Oxide Glasses.- Eu-Rich EuO: Specific Optical Transitions.- Vibrational Spectra of Ternary Rare Earth Sulfides with CaFe2O4, Yb3S4, MnY2S4 and ZnGa2S4 Type Structures.- Group Theoretical Examination of the Far Infrared Spectra of Tm2 (SO4)3 * 8 H2O and TmCl3 * 6 H2O.- Radiative Transition Probabilities and Stimulated Cross- Sections of Nd3+ in 3Ga2S3*La2S3(GLS) and 3A?2S3*La2S3(ALS) Glasses.- Lanthanide Hydroxide Host Lattice Effects in the EPR Spectra of Gd3+ Ions.- Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Quenching of L-(?)-Tryptophan in DMSO by Eu3+.- Near Resonance Interactions Between Stark Components of the 6H5/2 and 4G5/2 States of Sm3+ in POCl3:SnCl4.- Oxidation of Cerium Studies by Photoelectron Spectroscopy.- Soft X-Ray Appearance Potential Spectroscopy of 70Yb.- Luminescence Processes in Nb-Doped YVO4.- Electroluminescence of Rare-Earth-Doped Cadmium Fluoride.- Sources and Applications.- Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets: Development Trends and Their Implications for the Industry.- The Diversity of Rare-Earth Mineral Deposits and Their Geological Domains.- Quality Control on an Industrial Scale at the La Rochelle Rare Earths Plant.- Trends in the Industrial Uses for Mischmetal.- Catalysis Using Rare, Earth Intermetallics.- The Hydrogenation of Ethylene over Lanthanum Transition Metal Perovskites.- A New Superionic Conductor: (LaO)AgS.- Stem Characterization of the Synthetic Rare Earth Minerals in Nuclear Waste "Supercalcine-Ceramics".- Rare Earth Hafnium Oxide Materials for Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Generator Application.- Hydrides: Physical and Chemical Properties.- Magnetism of Hydrogenated Rare Earth Intermetallic Compounds.- Low Temperature Heat Capacity Studies on Hydrogen Absorbing Intermetallic Compounds.- Neutron Scattering Studies of Hydrides of the Laves Phase Rare Earth Compounds RFe2.- Kinetics of Desorption of Hydrogen from RFe2Hn Systems.- Decomposition Kinetics of Plutonium Hydride.- The Kinetics of Hydrogen Absorption by Rare Earth Intermetalics.- Thermodynamic and Structural Properties of LaNi5?xMnx Compounds and Their Related Hydrides.- The Effect of Group III A and IV A Element Substitutions (M) on the Hydrogen Dissociation Pressures of LaNi5?xM Hydrides.- Hydrogen Coordination Number, Volume, and Dissociation Pressure in LaNi5 Substituted Hydrides.- New Hydridic Rare Earth Compounds.- Lasers.- Suggestions for New Four-Level Lasers.- Magnetic Properties of the Mini-Laser Material: The Chloroapatite of Neodymium.- Necessary Numerical Criteria for Some Physical Properties of Low-Quenching Neodymium Materials.- Stark Level Identification of the 2.8 ?m Laser Transition in Er:YLF.- Dual Wavelength Laser Operation in Ho,Er:YLF.- Author Index.
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