The Fifteenth Rare Earth Research Conference was held June 15-18, 1981 on the Rolla campus of th.e University of Missouri. The conference was hosted by the Graduate Center for Materials Research, the College of Arts and Science, and the School of Mines and Metallurgy. It was expected that the conference would provide a forum for critical examination and review of the current and important trends in rare earth science and technology. To this end, over 170 papers were presented in both oral and poster sessions by researchers representing some nineteen countries. The program committee was particularly gratified to see the diversity of effort being devoted to rare earth research by different disciplines allover the world. The collection of refereed papers in this volume attests to the fact that the objectives of the program committee were indeed realized. A high point of the meeting was the presentation of the Frank n. Spedding Award to a most distinguished colleague, Professor Georg Busch, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich. Prof essor W. Edward hi"allace, University of Pittsburgh, recipient of the first Frank H. Spedding Award made the presentation to Professor Busch who then gave the Plenary Address.
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The Fifteenth Rare Earth Research Conference was held June 15-18, 1981 on the Rolla campus of th.e University of Missouri. The program committee was particularly gratified to see the diversity of effort being devoted to rare earth research by different disciplines allover the world.
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Spedding Award Address.- Rare Earth Reminiscences.- Bioinorganic Chemistry.- Magnetic Resonance Studies of Metal Cation Transport Across Biological Membranes: Use of Paramagnetic Lanthanide Ions.- Inter-Lanthanide Ion Energy Transfer Distance Measurements in Biological Systems.- Gadolinium as an EPR and NMR Probe of Ca2+ Sites in Biological Systems.- Optical Activity of Mixed-Ligand Complexes of Tb(III) with Pyridine-2,6-Dicarboxylic Acid and Hydroxycarboxylic Acids.- Terbium Luminescence as a Probe of Lanthanide Coordination in Solution.- A 160Tb(III) Probe of the Calcium Binding Sites of Muscle Calcium Binding Parvalbumin.- The Lanthanides as Structural Probes in Peptides.- Multinuclear NMR Study of Three Aqueous Lanthanide Shift Reagents: Complexes with EDTA and Two Macrocyclic Ligands.- Structures of Dithiophosphinate Complexes of the Lanthanides in the Solid and Solution by X-Ray Diffraction and Paramagnetic NMR.- Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry.- Recent Advances in the Low Valent Approach to f-Element Organometallic Chemistry.- Laser Photochemistry of a Uranium Compound Tailored for l0? Absorption: U(OCH3)6.- New Stoichiometric and Catalytic Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl Organoactinide Chemistry.- Choosing a Coordination Number for Ln(III): 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 3:2 and 4:3 Complexes with Crown Ethers.- A Systematic Study of the Complexation of DI- and TRI-Valent Lanthanide Ions by Macrocycles of Varying Size.- Octahedral Compounds of Lanthanides: Trimethylphosphine Oxide (tmpo) as Ligand.- Amine Complexes of Divalent Europium.- High Coordination Polyhedra of Trivalent Rare Earth Ions.- Erbium Chloride Complexation in Aqueous DMF.- Lanthanide Hexafluoroantimonate Complexes of Hexamethylphosphoramide.- Spectroscopy.- Parametrisation of the MCD-Spectra of Rare Earths: Example of Pr3+ in PVA-Matrix.- Ab-Initio Calculation of Lanthanide Crystal Field Parameters and Transition Probabilities.- On the Origin of Resonance Lines in 3d Emission Spectra of Rare Earths.- Transition Intensities for Nd3+ in Crystals.- Truncation Effects on Crystal Field Calculations for the 4f6(Eu3+) Configuration in Solids.- Study of M4,5-Level Soft X-Ray Appearance Potential Spectra of Selected Rare Earths.- The Effect of Multiplet Splitting of the 4d Levels in Rare Earth Elements on Their X-Ray Spectra.- Optical Spectra, Energy Levels, and Crystal-Field Analysis of Tripositive Rare Earth Ions in Y2O3: I. Kramers Ions in C2 Sites.- Sm2+ Activated Mixed Fluorides: Synthesis and Fluorescence.- Electric and Magnetic Dipole Strengths of f-f Transitions in Cubic Cs2NaYCl6:Ln3+ Systems.- Absorption Spectrophotometric Characterization of Sm(II), Sm(III), and Sm(II/III) Bromides and Sm(III) Oxybromide in the Solid State.- Cascade Laser Action in Tm3+:YLF.- Laser Induced Luminescence of Pr3+ in CaF2 Attributed to Different Local Site Symmetries.- Photoconductivity Due to Autoionization of Divalent Rare Earth Impurities in Crystals Having the Fluorite Structure.- The Effect of Structural Environment on the Absorption Spectra of Selected Lanthanide Sesquioxides.- The Ce3+ Tb3+ Transfer in Phosphate Host Lattices.- Laser Excited Luminescence of Tb3+, Eu3+ -Activated Ferroelectric Gadolinium Molybdate (GMO).- Luminescence of High-Pressure Phases of Eu2+ Activated Alkaline Earth Borates and Silicates.- PMR Spectroscopic Studies of Lanthanide Aminocarboxylate Complexes.- The Interaction of 1:1 and 1:2 Lanthanids-EDTA Chelates with Alkali Cations: Aqueous Relaxation Reagents for Metal Nuclide NMR.- Luminescence of L-(?)-Tryptophan in DMSO at 77 K in the Presence of Tb3+.- Hypersensitivity in the 4f?4f Absorption Spectra of Er3? and Ho3+ Complexes.- Possible Symmetries of the Coordination Sphere of Eu3+ in DMSO via a Correlation of Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) with Absorption and Emission Spectra.- Diphenyl-Phosphinyl-Morpholide (DPPM) Lanthanide Salt Adducts: Nd3+ and Eu3+ Spectra.- Adducts of Lanthanide Trifluoromethanesulfonates and Tetramethylene Sulfoxide (TMSO).- Photoreduction of Ytterbium and Samarium.- Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamics.- CeN: Phase Relationships and Enthalpies of Solution.- Enthalpies of Solution and Lattice Constant Anomalies of Sm3S4 - Sm2S3 Solid Solutions.- High Temperature Phase Diagram and Enthalpies of Solution of TmSe.- Densities and Concentration of Defects in TmSe.- Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Some Rare Earth Chalcogenides.- Thermal Decomposition of Rare Earth Sulfate and Selenate Hydrates.- Rare Earth Oxysulfide/Oxysulfate Equilibria at 1100-1500K.- Phase Studies and Selective Oxidation in Rare Earth-Molybdenum-Oxide Systems, Ln2O3-MoO2-MoO3.- Correlation of Spectral and Heat-Capacity Schottky Contributions for Dy2O3, Er2O3 and Yb2O3.- Enthalpy of Formation of Barium Lanthanide(IV) Oxides: BaCeO3, BaPrO3, and BaTbO3.- On Mixed Crystals of Pr1?yTbyOx Grown Under High Oxygen Pressures.- A Kinetic Study of the Oxidation of Zeta Phase Praseodymium Oxide: $$\frac{{10}}{9}{\Pr _9}{0_{16}} + \frac{1}{9}{0_2} \to {\Pr _{10}}{0_{18}}$$.- Predicted Stabilities of Rare Earth Dihalides.- Vaporization and Thermodynamic Properties of Samarium Dicarbide and Nonstoichiometric Disamarium Tricarbide.- Complexity of Phase Equilibria in the MM-Co-Fe System Between 2:7 and 1:5 Stoichiometries.- Low Temperature-High Magnetic Field Heat Capacity Studies of Weakly and Nearly Ferromagnetic and Mixed Valence Rare Earth Materials.- Structural and Solid State Chemistry.- Anomalous Behavior of Cerium and Europium Ions in Ternary Molybdenum Chalcogenides (Chevrel Phases).- New Fluorides with CeIV PrIV NdIV, TbIV, and DyIV.- Ternary Halides of the Rare Earth Elements: Phases and Structures.- Investigation of the "Diadochic" Incorporation of the Rare Earth Elements in CaF2 at Elevated Temperature and Pressure.- Crystal Structures of EuMgF4, SmMgF4, and SrMgF4.- Structural Phase Transitions in Cs2NaLnCl6.- Synthesis and Crystal Data for Alkaline Earth-Lanthanide Phosphates with the Eulytite Structure.- The Crystal Structure and Stoichiometry of the Ca2+xNd8?x(SiO4)6O2?l/2x System.- Electron Beam-Induced Reduction of TbO2??: A High Resolution Electron Microscope Study.- Crystal Structure and Properties of (LaO) CuS and (LaO)Ags.- The Crystal Chemistry of the Europium Arsenides.- Crystal Structures and Phase Relationships within Ternary Systems: Rare Earth Metal-Noble Metal-Boron.- Fast Diffusion and Electrotransport of Cobalt, Iron and Nickel in ?-Yttrium.- Ternary Compounds in RE(Au,Ga)2 and RE(Ag,Ga)2 Alloys.- Magnetic Properties.- Magnetic Properties of ErM3, M = (Ni, Fe, Co).- Transport and Magnetic Properties of the Gd4(Co1?xNix)3 Series (0 ? x ? 0.2).- Structures and Magnetism of Some Polycomponent 2:7 Rare Earth-Transition Metal Systems.- Evidence for the Noncollinearity of the Magnetic Structure of Er6Mn23.- Moessbauer Investigation of the Effect of Annealing on the Ordering Temperature of Amorphous DyFe2.- Magnetization and 55Mn Hyperfine Field in RMn2 (R = Rare Earth) Intermetallic Compounds.- Magnetic Properties of Cubic and Hexagonal HoMn2.- Susceptibility Densities in the Pauli Paramagnets YNi5 and CeNi5.- Thermal Variation of Anisotropies of Cobalt in YCo5 and NdCo5 Up to 450 K.- The Magnetic Structure of Y(Mn1?xFex) 12.- Magnetic Characteristics of the Intermetallic Compounds R2Ni17?xAlx (R = Gd, Tb).- Observation of Spiral Spin Antiferromagnetic Domains in Single Crystal Terbium.- Crystal Field and Quadrupolar Effects on the Third-Order Magnetic Susceptibility.- Magnetic Properties of Some Single Crystal Rare Earth Tetraborides.- Transferred Hyperfine Interactions and Quadrupole Effects for the Diamagnetic Ions in Rare-Earth Elpasolites, Cs2NaLnCl6.- Structure-Property Interplay in the System RTiO3: R = Lanthanide (III).- Some Magnetic Properties of the System LaxGd1?xTiO3.- Zero Field Temperature Dependence of the Rare Earth Sublattice Magnetization in RTiO3; R = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er and Tm.- Magnetic and Structural Properties of CeSb1?xTex Mixed Compounds.- Effects of the Non-Stoichiometry on the Transport Properties of CeSb.- Low-Temperature Behavior of DyS, DySe, HoS and HoSe.- Electrical Resistivity and Magnetic Field Effects of NdS3?xVxS4.- Faraday Rotation of Rare Earth Alkali Germenate Glasses.- Hydrides.- Using NMR to Study the Properties of Rare-Earth Materials Containing Hydrogen.- Magnetic and Structural Properties of Y6Mn23D23.- Magnetic and Structural Properties of Th6Mn23Dx and Y6Mn23Dx.- Valence Bonding, Atomic Volumes, and Coordination Numbers for Y6Mn23, Th6Mn23, and Their Hydrides.- Structure of Al, Cu and Si Substituted LaNi5 and of the Corresponding ?-Deuterides from Powder Neuton Diffraction. Localized Diffusion Mode of Hydrogen in LaNi5 and Al and Mn Substituted Compounds from Quasielastic Neutron Scattering.- Thermodynamic and Magnetic Properties of LaNi5?xFex Compounds and Their Hydrides.- Thermodynamic Properties of LaNi4M Compounds and Their Hydrides.- Hydrogen Desorption Rates in LaNi5?xAlx-H.- Purification and Analysis.- Structure-Reactivity Studies on the Extraction of Lanthanides by Dialkyl Isopropylphosphonates.- Separation of The Rare Earths and Some Polyvalent Cations on Inorganic Ion Exchangers.- Solvent Extration Behavior of Lanthanides with Di(2-Ethylhexyl)Isopropylphosphonate.- Spectrophotometric Determination of Rare Earths in Ligand Buffer Masking Systems.- Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Copper in High-Purity Rare Earth with ?,?,?,?-Tetra-(4-trimethylammonium-phenyl)Porphine.- Rare Earth Ion Selective Electrodes: II. Europium and Praseodymium Compound Membranes.- Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Ore Concentrate Samples using Direct Current Plasma Spectrometry.- Behavior of REE in Geological and Biological Systems.- New Applications.- Trends in Rare Earth Metal Consumption for Steel Applications in the 1980's.- The Use of Rare Earths in Photovoltaics.- Preparing Rare Earth Silicon Iron Alloys.- Catalysis Using Rare Earth and Actinide Intermetallics Containing Fe, Co, Ni and Cu.- Electrochemical Corrosion of Lanthanum Chromite and Yttrium Chromite in Coal Slag.- Author Index.
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