Despite a long history in quantitative research, it is only recently that enthusiasm for secondary analysis of qualitative data has gained momentum across health and social science disciplines. Given that researchers have long known the inordinate amount of time and energy invested in conducting qualitative research, the appeal of secondary analysis of qualitative data is clear. Involving the use of an existing dataset to answer research questions that are different from those asked in the original study, this method allows researchers to once again make use of their hard-earned qualitative dataset and to listen to their participants' voices to the best of their ability in order to improve care and promote understanding. As secondary qualitative data analysis continues to evolve, more methodological guidance is needed. This book outlines three approaches to secondary data analysis and addresses the key issues that researchers need to wrestle with, such as ethical considerations, voice, and representation. Intellectual and interpretive hazards that can jeopardize the outcome of these analyses are highlighted and discussed, as are the criteria for assessing their quality and trustworthiness. Written as a thought-provoking guide for qualitative researchers from across the health and social sciences, this text includes a review of the state of the science in nursing and a number of in-depth illustrative case studies.
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1. Introduction 2. History of Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 3. Benefits and Concerns of Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 4. Debate over Archiving Qualitative Data 5. Ethics in Secondary Qualitative Analysis 6. Process Involved in Conducting a Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 7. International Qualitative Data Archives 8. Metaphor Analysis as a Creative Approach for Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 9. Theory Development Using Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 10. Teaching Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 11. Publishing Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis 12. Review of Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis in the Discipline of Nursing 13. What is Around the Corner for Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis?
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Cheryl Tatano Beck is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Connecticut, USA, with a joint appointment in the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine.