The Innocent is another action-packed thriller from David Baldacci, one of the world's most popular writers. He could no longer remember the names of all the people whose lives he had ended . . . Master assassin Will Robie is the man the US government call to eliminate their most ruthless enemies at home or abroad. He never questions his orders, and he never misses his mark.He’s just returned from a covert assignment in Edinburgh to neutralize a growing threat, having drawn upon all his expertise to complete his mission and disappear without a trace. The odds were stacked against him, but that’s never made a difference before.But now he’s facing the most difficult operation of his career. Dispatched to kill a US government employee, he does the unthinkable when things don’t add up – he refuses to pull the trigger. In doing so, Robie finds himself becoming the target. On the run from his own government and with everything on the line, does he need to change sides to save lives – including his own?The Innocent is the first novel in David Baldacci's blockbuster Will Robie series. Continue the series with The Hit.
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A fast-paced thriller from the internationally bestselling author of Absolute Power, David Baldacci.
One of the world's biggest-selling thriller writers, Baldacci needs no introduction. Brilliant plotting, heart-grabbing action and characters to die for
The Innocent is the first novel in David Baldacci's blockbuster Will Robie series.
David Baldacci's bestselling series of thriller novels featuring Will Robie, the US government's most professional, disciplined, and lethal assassin begins with The Innocent. With global threats to US national security a constant danger it falls to Will Robie to infiltrate the most hostile countries in the world to eliminate threats before they ever reach US shores. David Baldacci's books are published in over forty-five languages and in more than eighty countries, and have been adapted for both feature film and television. Whilst researching his novels, David has been inside the buildings of some of the world's leading intelligence agencies, meeting real-life spies and intelligence leaders.
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David Baldacci is one of the world's bestselling and favourite thriller writers. With over 130 million copies in print, his books are published in over eighty territories and forty-five languages, and have been adapted for both feature-film and television. He has established links to government sources, giving his books added authenticity. David is also the co-founder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across the US.