An author and poet, welcomed for his reflective and thought-provoking style, retells 10 stories from different cultures - from around the world and through the ages - which each highlight the importance of taking care of the world. These stories - from ancient Greece, the Far East, the Celts, Africa, Greenland, Russia, China, Japan, South America and ancient Israel - afford wonderful opportunities for Jane Ray's paradisiacal paintings of trees and flowers, animals and birds... in short, all creation.
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A talented author retells a collection of world stories that each reflect humanity's need to take care of the world that sustains them.
ContentsHow the Seasons Came to Be 6The Hunter and the Swan 11The Saint and the Blackbird 15The Tale of the Lion 19Grey-eye and the Whale 23A Fishy Tale 27The Panda's Tale 32Maha and the Elephant 36The Shepherd and the Stone 40The Story of the Tower 44
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"This beautifully illustrated book brings together stories from around the world and across the centuries. The common theme is caring for our beautiful planet. The inclusion of stories from countries such as Greenland and South America make this book stand out from other collections. Many of the stories show how much we can learn from the animals. Jane Ray's wonderful illustrations really capture the essence of each story and make this a book to treasure." Jane Ray's exquisite illustrations in jewel-like bright watercolours and inks are sometimes enclosed with decorative borders, sometimes vignettes. Her palette reflects the landscape of each tale - airy greys and browns for Greenland; blues and yellows for Africa - enhancing the sense of wonder and pleasure that will be experienced by young readers as they travel from one part of the earth to another. Ray's landscapes are sometimes reminiscent of Mughal paintings with their stylised deer and undulating hills. A handsome production." Books for Keeps The stories are all written by Kenneth Steven who seems to have a natural simplicity with his storytelling which I find quite compelling. He doesn't lecture or make judgements but simply leaves the readers to draw their own conclusions. The stories are all accompanied by some gorgeous illustrations from Jane Ray. The combination of the wonderful stories with the lovely pictures make this a most attractive anthology that is likely to appeal to many children either as a book to be shared or to be read alone.A"
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A talented author retells a collection of world stories that each reflect humanity's need to take care of the world that sustains them.


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Born in London, Jane studied art and design at Middlesex University. Her main study was ceramics and she didn't start to illustrate until she left college. Her first published work was a series of greetings cards for Roger la Borde, followed by book jackets, and eventually black and white illustrations for a poetry anthology. Her first full colour picture book was in 1989. Since then Jane has illustrated numerous children's books, including for Lion Children's Books, The Lion Classic Christmas Stories, and Stories for a Fragile Planet. Jane regularly exhibits her work at Primavera, Cambridge, and at The Illustration Cupboard, London.