This volume presents the first collection of work on research synthesis in applied linguistics. It introduces readers- -to a cutting-edge approach for reviewing and summarizing exactly what accumulated research has to say about theoretical and practical subjects. John Norris and Lourdes Ortega first elucidate the value and practice of synthesis, and they challenge all members of the research community to adopt a "synthetic ethic". The book then features seven empirical syntheses, each modeling rigorous synthetic practice in definitively reviewing the state of knowledge and research quality in important domains. Included are five meta-analyses on: Universal Grammar; Task-Based Interaction; Corrective Feedback; Instructed Pragmatics Development; and Reading Strategy Training. Also included are a qualitative meta-synthesis on Effective Teaching for English Language Learners, and a historiographical synthesis of Proficiency Assessment practices. Rounding out the collection are commentaries by two renowned experts in language learning and teaching research: Nick Ellis and Craig Chaudron.
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1. Contributors; 2. Preface; 3. Section I. Introduction; 4. 1. The value and practice of research synthesis for language learning and teaching (by Norris, John M.); 5. Section II. Research syntheses; 6. Introduction to Section II; 7. 2. Principles, parameters, and SLA: A retrospective meta-analytic investigation into adult L2 learners' access to Universal Grammar (by Dinsmore, Thomas H.); 8. 3. Investigating the empirical link between task-based interaction and acquisition: A meta-analysis (by Keck, Casey); 9. 4. The effectiveness of corrective feedback for the acquisition of L2 grammar: A meta-analysis of the research (by Valezy, Jane Russell); 10. 5. Effects of L2 instruction on interlanguage pragmatic development: A meta-analysis (by Jeon, Eun Hee); 11. 6. The effects of Explicit Reading Strategy Training on L2 reading comprehension: A meta-analysis (by Taylor, Alan); 12. 7. A meta-synthesis of qualitative research on effective teaching practices for English Language Learners (by Tellez, Kip); 13. 8. Research synthesis and historiography: The case of assessment of second language proficiency (by Thomas, Margaret); 14. Section III. Commentaries; 15. Introduction to Section III; 16. 9. Meta-analysis, human cognition, and language learning (by Ellis, Nick C.); 17. 10. Some reflections on the development of (meta-analytic) synthesis in second language research (by Chaudron, Craig); 18. Index
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