Team Work and Group Dynamics

Heftet / 1998 / Engelsk
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Never Underestimate the Power of an Effective Team As todaya s businesses increasingly structure work around teams, ita s more important than ever for students to understand group processes. Through the research summaries and case studies of this text, students will learn valuable theory and develop a rich picture of teams in action. Blending theory and practice in areas such as team design, team social processes, and team effectiveness provides them with a realistic view of how teams function in actual work organizations. The combination of research and case examples also shows students how to help teams become more effective. Because key concepts are specifically presented in and applied to business settings, students can gain a real--world perspective of ways they can influence teams. Theya ll not only learn the complex issues associated with teams, but theya ll not only learn the complex issues associated with teams, but theya ll also develop tools to succeed as designers, leaders, and members. Special Features of the Text: aeo Numerous examples are included to clearly illustrate important theoretical points. aeo Theory and research is summarized in a non--technical style that is applied to situations familiar to students. aeo Each unit includes a short scenario that provides students with the perspective of someone who is actually involved with teams in an organizational setting. aeo Relationships between group theories and business goals (e.g., increasing profit, providing a motivating work environment) are discussed throughout.
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