Time Rep

Digital bok / 2018 / Engelsk


The world’s most insignificant person is the perfect fit for a very odd job . . . that just might require him to save time and space as we know it. Geoffrey Stamp has always had a bit of a self-esteem problem. But it doesn’t help to be told that he’s in fact the most inconsequential human being who’s ever lived. Or that even certain types of mushrooms have more significance in the order of things. Or that Geoffrey is the perfect definition of a nobody. And all this from a complete stranger no less. A stranger who claims to have dropped in from the year 3050 to offer Geoffrey, precisely because of his outsized irrelevance, a job too good to be true. As a Time Rep, Geoffrey will be a vacation tour guide to the twenty-first century, showing wide-eyed tourists from the future all the sights and sounds of our quaint, archaic millennium. But when Geoffrey uncovers a conspiracy to change the course of history, he is sent on a mind-bending adventure through time and space involving an imaginary lake, a talking seagull, dinosaurs, aliens, the Great Fire of London, and the discovery that he might not be as insignificant as people thought. “Peter Ward’s Time Rep is a quick, entertaining read and proves, once and for all, there just might be a reason to play video games for hours on end.” —SFFWORLD
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Digital bok
Diversion Books (ORIM)
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