True You Discover Your Own Way to Success and Happiness by Uncovering Your Authentic Self and Building Remarkable Relationships With Others

Innbundet / 2016 / Engelsk
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Many of us have become used to regularly feeling out of control, highly stressed or simply unable to cope with the demands of work and life. Our self-esteem and confidence plummet as our to-do list increases, and our relationships at home and work deteriorate. The True You is a step-by-step system that will enable you to feel calm, confident and empowered every day. The True You will show you how to discard your old programming, uncover who you are authentically, and develop a powerfully positive way of seeing yourself and your potential. You will learn how to adopt the transformational habits that lead to lifelong success and happiness through a unique four-step system. You will feel calm and empowered to deal confidently with any situation-rediscovering joy at work and home. From that place of calm and confidence, you are ready to build remarkable relationships with others. The True You tells all you need to know about relationship dynamics, how they work, and how you can be remarkable in every interaction. It will take you through the ten vital aspects that enable you to lead every relationship to its highest potential. When conflict rears its head, The True You provides a three-level approach for dealing with those difficulties, and tips on how to influence others positively to get the relationship back on track. To ensure that you don't slide back into that life of stress and chaos, The True You provides six go-to factors that will give you the tools to restore balance and enjoy a happy and successful life.
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