Understanding Motivation and Emotion, 6th Edition helps readers understand motivation; where it comes from, how and why it changes over time, and how motivation can be increased. The book also shows how to apply the principles of motivation in applied settings, such as in schools, in the workplace, on the athletic field, in counseling, and in one's own personal life. Reeve's engaging writing captures the excitement of recent advances in the field to show the reader what contemporary motivation psychologists are excited about. He also uses effective examples and explains how motivation study can be applied to readers' daily lives. By combining a strong theoretical foundation with current research and practical applications, Reeve provides readers with a valuable tool for understanding why people do what they do and why people feel what they feel.
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Understanding Motivation and Emotion, 6th Edition walks psychologists through the study of motivation, exploring all conditions that exist within the person and within the environment and culture that explain why we want what we want and why we do what we do.
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Preface iii Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Chapter 2 Motivation in Historical Perspective 28 Chapter 3 The Motivated and Emotional Brain 51 Part I Needs 81 Chapter 4 Physiological Needs 83 Chapter 5 Extrinsic Motivation 116 Chapter 6 Psychological Needs 152 Chapter 7 Implicit Motives 183 Part II Cognitions 211 Chapter 8 Goal Setting and Goal Striving 213 Chapter 9 Mindsets 239 Chapter 10 Personal Control Beliefs 268 Chapter 11 The Self and Its Strivings 303 Part III Emotions 335 Chapter 12 Nature of Emotion: Six Perennial Questions 337 Chapter 13 Aspects of Emotion 369 Chapter 14 Individual Emotions 404 Part IV Applied Concerns 429 Chapter 15 Growth Motivation and Positive Psychology 431 Chapter 16 Unconscious Motivation 466 Chapter 17 Interventions 496 References 515 Author Index 603 Subject Index 619
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