Women and Mental Health The Nurse's Role

Heftet / 2006 / Engelsk
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"Women & Mental Health" outlines the nurse's role in the care of women with mental health problems, and identifies practical means for developing effective practice in mental health settings. It provides an overview of the needs and experiences of women with mental health problems, offers practical guidance for good practice in a variety of clinical settings, and outlines recommendations for improving women's experiences of mental health care within the context of current policy in this area. Divided into three sections, the first section explores the underlying theory & policy surrounding this topical area. The second section addresses the specific skills of the mental health nurse, and how these are relevant to meeting the needs of female patients. The third section outlines effective ways of developing practice in a range of clinical settings, and offers best practice guidance for nurses working with women in the following settings: primary care, acute, community care, forensic, addiction units, and women-only settings. This timely proposal will help those planning and delivering mental health services to become more sensitive to the needs of women, and to improve the quality of mental health care. This book provides evidence-based, practical guidelines for the nursing care of women with mental health problems. It is written in the context of the latest government policy surrounding this area. It outlines ways to develop practice in a broad range of clinical settings. It is the only text to specifically focus on the role of the nurse when caring for women with mental health problems.
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