This special volume of the journal Defect and Diffusion Forum is entitled: Advances in Mass and Thermal Transport in Engineering Materials IV. It continues the general theme of how mass and heat diffusion in solids and liquids occur and how these phenomena can be controlled. We start from mass and heat migration at the microscale and carry it through to the macroscale.
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PrefaceChapter 1: Numerical Investigations and Theoretical ApproachesOptimizing Diffusion Time and other Resources by Using the Diffusion Rate and Number of Stages ConceptsNumerical Analysis of the Unsteady Mixed Convection of a Nanofluid in a Concentric Tube Heat ExchangerStatistical Model of Hydrogen Diffusion in BCC MetalsAstrophysics of X-Ray Binary SpectraA Simulation Model for the Analysis of Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel SheetsCFD Analysis of Perforated Plates and Open-Cell Materials AerodynamicsChapter 2: Investigation of Structure and Properties of MaterialsCopper, Iron and Aluminium Electrochemical Corrosion Investigation during Electrolysis and Temperature IncreasingDevelopment of Multi-Component B-C-N Diffusion Coating on Wrought AISI M2 High-Speed Steel SubstratePhase Transformations and Martensite Stabilization in Ni2.36Mn0.64Ga High-Temperature Shape Memory AlloyContribution to the Improvement of the Wear Resistance of the AISI 1010 Material by the Tribofinishing Process Using the Box-Behnken Experimental DesignsExperiments on Hydrogen Uptake and Diffusion in LiNb0.15Ta0.85O3 Single Crystals by Infra-Red SpectroscopyStudy of Softening Temperature Range of Agglomerate Depending on its Structure and Phase CompositionDrying of Industrial Sanitary Ware at Low Temperature: A Theoretical and Experimental InvestigationMechanical Properties of Indentation in Plasma Nitrided and Nitrocarburized Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 321Effect of Fe-Cr Coating on the Fe-Ga Alloy Functional PropertiesImpact of Anisotropy and Electromagnetic Modified Effect on Fluid Mobility in Reservoir SandstoneChapter 3: Nanoscale InvestigationsThe Impact of Carbon Nanotube on the Thermal Properties of PolypropyleneCooling Effect on Nano Eutectoid Phase Formation of Hypereutectic Zn-Al AlloyStructure of Ta/TaN Nanolayered Systems Investigated by Transmission Electron MicroscopyChapter 4: Liquid Phase InvestigationsStudy on Two-Phase Pressure Drop of Methane during Flow Boiling in Mini ChannelExperimental Investigation on Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of Liquid Methane in Mini Channel
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