For courses in Money and Banking or General Economics. An Analytical Framework for Understanding Financial Markets The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets brings a fresh perspective to today's major questions surrounding financial policy. Influenced by his term as Governor of the Federal Reserve, Frederic Mishkin offers students a unique viewpoint and informed insight into the monetary policy process, the regulation and supervision of the financial system, and the internationalization of financial markets. Continuing to set the standard for money and banking courses, the Eleventh Edition provides a unifying, analytic framework for learning that fits a wide variety of syllabi. Core economic principles organize students' thinking, while current real-world examples keep them engaged and motivated. MyEconLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to personalize learning and improve results. With a wide range of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are encouraged to actively learn and retain tough course concepts. Please note that the product you are purchasing does not include MyEconLab. MyEconLab Join over 11 million students benefiting from Pearson MyLabs. This title can be supported by MyEconLab, an online homework and tutorial system designed to test and build your understanding. Would you like to use the power of MyEconLab to accelerate your learning? You need both an access card and a course ID to access MyEconLab. These are the steps you need to take: 1. Make sure that your lecturer is already using the system Ask your lecturer before purchasing a MyLab product as you will need a course ID from them before you can gain access to the system. 2. Check whether an access card has been included with the book at a reduced cost If it has, it will be on the inside back cover of the book. 3. If you have a course ID but no access code, you can benefit from MyEconLab at a reduced price by purchasing a pack containing a copy of the book and an access code for MyEconLab (ISBN:9781292094304) 4. If your lecturer is using the MyLab and you would like to purchase the product... Go to to buy access to this interactive study programme. For educator access, contact your Pearson representative. To find out who your Pearson representative is, visit
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PART 1. INTRODUCTION 1. Why Study Money, Banking, and Financial Markets? 2. An Overview of the Financial System 3. What Is Money? PART 2. FINANCIAL MARKETS 4. The Meaning of Interest Rates 5. The Behavior of Interest Rates 6. The Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates 7. The Stock Market, the Theory of Rational Expectations, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis PART 3. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS 8. An Economic Analysis of Financial Structure 9. Banking and the Management of Financial Institutions 10. Economic Analysis of Financial Regulation 11. Banking Industry: Structure and Competition 12. Financial Crises in Advanced Economies 13. Financial Crises in Emerging Economies PART 4. CENTRAL BANKING AND THE CONDUCT OF MONETARY POLICY 14. Central Banks: A Global Perspective 15. The Money Supply Process 16. Tools of Monetary Policy 17. The Conduct of Monetary Policy: Strategy and Tactics PART 5. INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND MONETARY POLICY 18. The Foreign Exchange Market 19. The International Financial System PART 6. MONETARY THEORY 20. Quantity Theory, Inflation, and the Demand for Money 21. The IS Curve 22. The Monetary Policy and Aggregate Demand Curves 23. Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis 24. Monetary Policy Theory 25. The Role of Expectations in Monetary Policy 26. Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy CHAPTERS ON THE WEB 27. The ISLM Model 28. Nonbank Finance 29. Financial Derivatives 30. Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry
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