The true power of Agile methodologies is not technology; it is business value generation. Use Agile methodologies to turn your IT solution challenges into high business-value returns All too often, IT solutions are plagued by budget overruns, missed deadlines, low-quality outputs and dissatisfied users. Agile methodologies are proven, common-sense methods for substantially increasing the relevance, flexibility and bottom-line business value of your software solutions. Quantify and measure the benefits that Agile methodologies can deliver to your organisation. Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, DSDM, FDD, Lean, XP and Kanban, are proven approaches for applying the finite resources of an organisation to deliver high business-value software solutions on time and within allocated budgets. These methodologies protect organisations from wasting their IT budgets by replacing large upfront financial commitments with incremental investment based on the ongoing business value of delivered software. They encourage collaboration with key stakeholders, empower staff to regularly deliver bottom-line value, and ensure that IT solutions are responsive to ongoing organisational and market changes. Agile: An Executive Guide describes Agile methodologies in clear business language specifically written for business professionals. It will help you make realistic business-driven decisions on whether Agile methodologies are appropriate for your organisation; whether you are looking to consolidate your IT overheads, to provide better software solutions to your clients, or to have more control over your IT expenditures. This guide provides practical, proven ways to introduce, incorporate and leverage Agile methodologies to maximise your business returns.
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This guide will help you make realistic decisions on whether Agile methodologies are appropriate for your organisation; it also suggests ways of introducing, incorporating and leveraging these methodologies.
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Chapter 1: An Executive Brief on Agile What is Agile? A two-minute history of Agile The 10 core business benefits of Agile Common Agile methodologies Who uses Agile? Chapter 2: What Can Agile Do For My Organisation? Agile is not for everyone Dispelling Agile myths Your Agile ROI Your organisational culture Your decision Chapter 3: Five Steps to Agile Success Choosing the right kick-off point Avoiding common traps Establishing your baseline Monitoring your investment Expanding Agile More Information on Agile ITG Resources
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Jamie Lynn Cooke has 20 years of experience as a senior business analyst and solutions consultant, working with over 125 public and private sector organisations throughout Australia, Canada and the United States. Jamie has been working hands-on with Agile methodologies since 2003, and has researched hundreds of books and articles on Agile topics. She is a signatory to the Agile Manifesto, has attended numerous Agile seminars; and has worked with prominent consultants to promote Agile methodologies to large organisations. She is also a well-regarded speaker on both business and technology topics, most recently presenting on topics such as Getting Management and Customer Support for Using Agile and When is Agile Not the Answer? at the Business Process Modelling World Conference in Brisbane, Australia and at the AgileCanberra professional forums.