Don't panic! The Essential Revision ... in a Hurry series provides you with outlines of the key topics you'll need to know to successfully pass your exams.Corporate Finance covers key topics in this area with a step-by-step introduction to the most commonly examined principles. Throughout the book, there are tests and practice examples that ensure that you have a clear understanding of the material and are able to put the theory you have learned into practice. The book is split into three main sections:InvestmentsRisk and risk managementLong-term financingEach section is broken down into short, manageable chunks that clearly explore core areas within the sections as well as show how they fit into the bigger picture. Written primarily for undergraduates and postgraduates on their first courses in Corporate Finance, the book will also be of use to those taking professional exams or as a refresher for students taking higher level courses that include an element of corporate finance.
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This book will teach students difficult theory and show them how to solve challenging problems in an effective way, using as few words as possible. It will include demonstrative examples with complete solutions.
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Investments Future Value and Present Value Effective Interest Rates Net Present Value vs. Internal Rate of Return Present Value Calculations with Systematic Cash Flow Internal Rate of Return Calculations with Systematic Cash Flow Bond Valuation Share Valuation The Payback Rule The Net Present Value Rule Internal Rate of Return Problems with the IRR Method Capital Rationing Equivalent Annual Income Cash Flows Inflation Taxes in Investment Analysis Sensitivity analysis Test your understandingFurther practice Risk and Risk Management Diversification Systematic risk and unique risk Portfolio Theory The Capital Asset Pricing Model Options Swaps Test your understandingFurther practice Long-term Financing Market Efficiency Debt Financing Dividend Policy Capital Structure Test your understandingFurther practice
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Morten Helbaek is based at North-Trondelag University College, Norway.

Snorre Lindset is based at Trondheim Business School, Norway.

Brock McLellan has post-compulsory teaching experience that includes teaching business as well as technical English, project management and computer programming.