Authored by students who have directly engaged the global community, this book presents complex, interconnected global issues linked to climate change in a readable format for a broad audience. Chapters feature insight from the global community at the epicenter of international climate change negotiations. The guiding principle of this ACS-sponsored climate literacy project and resulting book is to enable students to communicate directly with their peers and educators, in contrast to traditional to-down approaches to involve students in climate science dialogue.
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The chapters in this book are written by numerous students who presented on climate-change issues at an ACS National Meeting.
Chapter 1. Introduction: Contentious Journey from Rio to Paris and the Path Beyond, Keith E. Peterman Chapter 2. The Paris Agreement Is a Good Deal, Kowan T. V. O'Keefe Chapter 3. The Law of the Land: The Role of the Courts in United States Climate Interests, Hannah P. Melton Chapter 4. What We Talk About When We Talk About Climate Change, Patrick J. Lestrange Chapter 5. Navigating the Sea of Health Inequity in Aotearoa: The Effects of Climate Change on the Health of Indigenous Populations in the Pacific, Mira Sobhy and Rhys Jones Chapter 6. The Indigenous Conversation: Exploring Solutions to Climate Change and Equality, Narayan Kovil Chapter 7. Water's Role in Climate Change, Michelle Civitella Chapter 8. Climate Change and Infectious Disease: A Public Health Issue, Zachary J. Snier Chapter 9. Local Impacts, Global Crisis: Analyzing Global Climate-Change Impacts at the Local Level in Maine, Jessica L. White Chapter 10. The Societal Effects of Solar-Driven Energy, Justin Pothoof Chapter 11. The Impact of Younger Generations on Climate-Change Discourse, Kowan T. V. O'Keefe Chapter 12. Reflections on Science Communication in the Context of Global Climate Policy, Alice N. Henderson Chapter 13. The Path Forward Through Climate Science Literacy, Gregory P. Foy and R. Leigh Hill Foy Chapter 14. The UNFCCC and the Road Ahead, Matthew R. Cordes Editors' Biographies Indexes Author Index Subject Index
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Keith E. Peterman is Professor of Chemistry at York College of Pennsylvania. He serves as a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Environmental Improvement. He has served as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany and in Russia, a National Academy of Sciences Research Scholar in Poland, a Research Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, and as a visiting professor in China and New Zealand. He takes student groups to Costa Rica each year to investigate climate change issues linked to impacts, adaptation, and mitigation. He participates in the UN climate conferences as an accredited member of the press. Gregory P. Foy holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Miami University and is Associate Professor of Chemistry at York College of Pennsylvania. His research interests are focused on Environmental Chemistry. Since the International Year of Chemistry 2011 when he and Peterman developed the ACS UN Student Ambassador program, they have shepherded over 60 college students to attend the yearly UN climate change meetings, report on scientific policies, and engage their peers worldwide by using social media and the blog "Students on Climate Change" to encourage international student involvement. He also participates in the UN climate conferences as an accredited member of the press. Matthew R. Cordes is the Founder and Principal Writer at WritingWorks. Since 2005 he has worked with more than 300 commercial and nonprofit clients in the northeastern United States to provide writing, research, and business development consulting. With several clients working in the renewable energy space (primarily solar photovoltaics and biodigestion), Cordes focuses on topics of climate and energy in many of his writing efforts. He has participated in four UN climate conferences and written extensively on the topic of climate change.