A global view of health offers a richer understanding of ways of measuring, improving and sustaining health both in individual national settings and in the context of a strongly interconnected world. This book draws on social scientific insights and explanations to examine trends in global health. Moving beyond an epidemiological analysis, the authors use a social determinants framework and life course approaches to offer a critical introduction to the study of global health. Through individual chapters focusing on topics such as health policy, global governance, health systems and health-related protests, the authors present the scope of global health studies and introduce readers to broader ranging issues such as globalization and political forces. Key themes such as power, inequality and inequity - and their impact on health on a global scale - recur throughout the book. International examples and case studies are used to illustrate the discussion, which is further supported by opportunities for reflection and further reading. This book will be an important resource for students studying global health and will have broad relevance to those undertaking health, health-related and allied health professional courses.
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"This is an excellent reference book for students undertaking courses in global health. It introduces them to the many diverse issues that lie under the umbrella of global health studies, while encouraging them to think critically by including a set of intermittent questions aimed at the reader." David McCoy, Queen Mary University of London "Warwick-Booth and Cross examine global health from a perspective of health equity and critical human rights. This welcome and refreshing departure challenges both learners and researchers to develop innovations for a postcolonial world. With activities to facilitate deep learning and problem solving, this text makes a valuable contribution to the curriculum of service providers and prepares students to be globally responsible citizens." Karline Wilson-Mitchell, Ryerson University
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Louise Warwick-Booth is Reader in Health Promotion and Director of the Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Beckett University. Ruth Cross is Course Director in Health Promotion at Leeds Beckett University. Together, they are authors (with Diane Lowcock) of Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction (Polity, 2012).