Global Strategy and Management Theory and Practice

Heftet / 2019 / Engelsk
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This textbook addresses the most crucial strategic decisions and management challenges facing managers of multinational enterprises (MNEs) operating across different institutional settings and complex cultural contexts. How can managers of MNEs address pressures for local responsiveness and global integration? What are cultural and institutional differences and how do they impact the management of MNEs? How can managers create social capital across the MNE in the face of such differences? How can managers ensure knowledge transfer across the MNE? How can human resources be managed in a world of differing standards? Taking a critical, multi-level approach to international business, this textbook: * Explores the strategic choices available to managers of MNEs and their consequences in an interactive way, providing an original, and engaging approach to the subject for students seeking to understand the issues faced by managers of MNEs * Gives state-of-the-art theoretical overviews of topics related to global strategy and management, making this textbook a useful reference for academics as well as students * Offers thirteen original, rich, case studies to illustrate each chapter's theory, highlighting the key challenges and dilemmas faced by managers of MNEs * Provides clear exposition and critique of current literature to provide students with a firm theoretical understanding of the subject. This textbook provides a fresh and important contribution to the management of MNEs and will be invaluable for both students at masters level and their lecturers. It will also appeal to practitioners facing the daily challenges of managing MNEs.
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