This important collection of essays, originating in a 1989 conference on the disadvantaged in American health care, provides incisive commentary on U.S. health care policy and politics. Examining public responses to health crises and analyzing the political logic of the American community, this volume charts the immobility of U.S. health policy in recent years and points to its disastrous consequences for the 1990s.Focusing on the particular needs of disadvantaged groups-the elderly, children, people with AIDS, the mentally ill, the chemically dependent, the homeless, the hungry, the medically uninsured-these essays develop strong policy statements. The authors describe the growth in U.S. health care programs, from Kerr-Mills to Medicare, Medicaid, and subsequent revisions, and stress the serious omissions resulting from incremental policy expansion, both in identifying disadvantaged groups and in implementing programs. They report the weakness of the U.S. health care system compared to systems of other technologically developed countries.Contributors. Deborah A. Stone and Theodore R. Marmor, Judith Feder, Alice Sardell, Bruce C. Vladeck, Michael Lipsky and Marc A. Thibodeau, Daniel M. Fox, William E. McAuliffe, M. Gregg Bloche and Francine Cournos, Lawrence D. Brown, James A. Morrone
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Introduction / Deborah A. Stone and Theodore R. Marmor 1 Health Care of the Disadvantaged: The Elderly / Judith Feder 6 Child Health Policy in the U.S.: The Paradox of Consensus / Alice Sardell 17 Health Care and the Homeless: A Political Parable for Our Time / Bruce C. Vladeck 54 Domestic Food Policy in the United States / Michael Lipsky and Marc A. Thibodeau 67 Chronic Disease and Disadvantage: The New Politics of HIV Infection / Daniel M. Fox 89 Health Care Policy Issues in the Drug Abuser Treatment Field / William E. McAuliffe and Kathleen Ackerman 105 Mental Health Policy for the 1990s: Tinkering in the Interstices / M. Gregg Bloche and Francine Cournos 143 The Medically Uninsured: Problems, Policies, and Politics / Lawrence D. Brown 184 Epilogue: Tales of Trouble / James A. Morone 192 Index 197
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