The environmental and human costs of marine accidents are high, and risks are considerable. At the same time, expectations from society for the safety of maritime transportation, like most other activities, increase continuously. To meet these expectations, systematic methods for understanding and managing the risks in a cost-efficient manner are needed. This book provides readers with an understanding of how to approach this problem.Firmly set within the context of the maritime industry, systematic methods for safety management and risk assessment are described. The legal framework and the risk picture within the maritime industry provide necessary context. Safety management is a continuous and wide-ranging process, with a set of methods and tools to support the process. The book provides guidance on how to approach safety management, with many examples from the maritime industry to illustrate practical use.This extensively revised new edition addresses the needs of students and professionals working in shipping management, ship design and naval architecture, and transport management, as well as safety management, insurance and accident investigation.
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This overview covers regulations and guidelines, current practice, and approaches and methods in maritime safety management -- with new chapters on security and on terminology, and significant new coverage of risk acceptance, safety management systems, human reliability assessment, and formal safety assessment.
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1. Introduction 2. The risk picture 3. Terminology 4. Stakeholders, rules and regulations 5. Safety management system 6. Risk acceptance 7. Human and organizational factors 8. Risk analysis methods 9. Measuring risk 10. Methods for navigational risk analysis 11. Human reliability analysis 12. Formal safety assessment 13. Security 14. Accident data 15. Risk reduction measures 16. Emergency preparedness and response 17. Risk-based design 18. Monitoring risk level 19. Learning from accidents and incidents
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Biographical note

Professor Stein Haugen had been working at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in the Department of Marine Technology until 2021. He has extensive experience from industry and recently joined the consultancy company Safetec Nordic. His teaching and research has been in risk assessment and safety management, for the maritime, oil and gas, and process industry. He has extensive international experience, having worked in the UK for two years and in Italy for a year, as a visiting professor.

Professor Svein Kristiansen, PhD, has been teaching ship design and safety management at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has also served as advisor to Sintef Ocean and Safetec Nordic AS and as External Examiner at Strathclyde University. His research interest is risk analysis and human factors. The research on accident analysis was linked to several EU funded programmes. He has been Visiting Scholar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UC San Diego) and University of Valencia.