Today, healthy ageing and active, meaningful lives are core values and aims for international and national health policies. Health services are challenged to ensure that the recipients of their services are active participants in their own care and beyond. Participation allows patients to become less dependent on healthcare providers, increasing their control over their own treatment and health. Increasingly, the idea of 'participation' is shifting, from participation in services to participation in mainstream society. This book examines the concept of participation, as well as the different meanings it takes on in the context of health and welfare services. It asks how services can enable and stimulate participation outside of those services. The contributions in this volume particularly focus on participation as engagement in daily life and 'everyday life' in order to develop the field of participation beyond the sphere of health and social care services. This book will appeal to researchers in the fields of health and social care, social services, occupational therapy and the sociology of health and illness. It will be of interest to practitioners of health and welfare services.
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List of contributors Chapter 1. Introduction and rationale Arne H. Eide, Staffan Josephsson, Kjersti Vik and Nils Erik Ness Chapter 2. International classification of functioning, disability and health in the context of participation Annelie Schedin Leiulfsrud Chapter 3. Participation from the perspective of the user: from subjective experiences to lived experiences Margareta Lilja and Staffan Josephsson Chapter 4. Environmental determinants of quality of participation in healthcare settings among people with impairments and limitations Jessica Dashner, Holly Hollingsworth, Jade Gross and David B. Gray Chapter 5. Culture and participation Skender Redzovic and Arne H. Eide Chapter 6. A participatory approach to services and support Peter Beresford Chapter 7. Participation in the context of service delivery: a comparison between the views held by older service recipients and service providers Aud Elisabeth Witso and Kjersti Vik Chapter 8. Participation at the interface with health and welfare services Lisbeth Kvam, Heidi Pedersen and Aud Elisabeth Witso Chapter 9. The ICF and collaboration about participation Ebba Langum Bredland and Kjersti Vik Chapter 10. Parents' participation in child welfare investigation processes Turid Midjo Chapter 11. Shout out who we are! How might engagement in cultural activities enhance participation for people in everday occupations for people in vulnerable life situations? Sissel Horghagen and Clare Hocking Chapter 12. Impacts on work participation of people with mental health disability Klara Jakobsen, Rosemary Lysaght and Terry Krupa Chapter 13. Mental health, participation and social identity Toril Anne Elstad and Gundi Schroetter Johanssen Chapter 14. Digitalised communication and social interaction: new opportunities for young disabled people's participation Sylvia Soederstrom and Helena Hemmingson Chapter 15. Participation in everyday life as lived negotiations: challenges and opportunities within a situated understanding of participation Sissel Alsaker, Staffan Josephsson and Virginia Dickie Chapter 16. Barriers to participation: time, social and physical obstacles for students with disabilities Eva Magnus, Ulla Kroksmark and Kersti Nordell Chapter 17. Participation and inclusion: mental health service users' lived experience - an international study Elizabeth McKay, Deirdre Mahon, Grainne Donellan, Kirsti Haracz, Sarah Sheldon and Susan Ryan Epilogue Staffan Josephsson, Arne H. Eide and Kjersti Vik Index
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Arne H. Eide, Norwegian University for Science and Technology and SINTEF Technology and Society, Norway. Staffan Josephsson, Norwegian University for Science and Technology and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. Kjersti Vik, Norwegian University for Science and Technology.