This volume presents research findings on the use of technology to support learning and reasoning in collaborative contexts. Featuring a variety of theoretical perspectives, ranging from sociocultural to social psychological to information processing views, Collaborative Learning, Reasoning, and Technology includes an international group of authors well known for their contributions to research on technology learning environments.Two themes are central: the use of technology as a scaffold for learning, and the use of technology to promote argumentation and reasoning. Collaboration among peers is a key element in both of these strands. These foci highlight, respectively, a key element in the design of technology-based learning environments and a key outcome that can result from online instruction/learning. As a whole, the volume addresses some of the core issues in using technology to support collaborative learning, reasoning, and argumentation.
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Contents: Series Foreword. A.M. O'Donnell, Introduction: Learning With Technology. R. De Lisi, A Developmental Perspective on Virtual Scaffolding for Learning in Home and School Contexts. K. Bielaczyc, A. Collins, Fostering Knowledge-Creating Communities. M.C. Linn, J.D. Slotta, Enabling Participants in Online Forums to Learn From Each Other. S. Williams, G. Kelly, Virtual Reflection: What Teachers Say (and Don't Say) Online About Their Practice. C. Qi, J. Zhang, Collaborative Discovery Learning Based on Computer Simulation. C.E. Hmelo-Silver, Design Principles for Scaffolding Technology-Based Inquiry. S.J. Derry, eSTEP as a Case of Theory-Based Web Course Design. J. Andriessen, Collaboration in Computer Conferencing. G. Erkens, M. Prangsma, J. Jasper, Planning and Coordinating Activities in Collaborative Learning. J. van Drie, C. van Boxtel, J.L. van der Linden, Historical Reasoning in a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environment. J. Wiley, J. Bailey, Effects of Collaboration and Argumentation on Learning From Web Pages. A. Veerman, E. Veldhuis-Diermanse, Collaborative Learning Through Electronic Knowledge Construction in Academic Education. C.A. Chinn, Learning to Argue.
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This is a meaty and stimulating collection that grapples with the heart of what many of us aspire to witness in learners when we try to get them working together through or at computers." -- Mike Johnson, British Journal of Educational Technology, July 2007.
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